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Brock Marion drops off the list.


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Marion was a long shot because at 31 he is still a very effective player and was highly regarded by Wannstedt who has coached him in Dallas and Miami. The money was another stumbling block, as his salary is likely to be in excess of what the Skins could afford.

I think the Skins are going after value on defense, trying to get a veteran or two who can contribute significantly in 2001 but can be jettisoned in 2002 if need be.

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Yeah I found it at this location. Besides, I was tiring a little of so many ex-cowboys coming in. Then again, I need to remember, this is a business too. smile.gif


Brock Marion is like the average vet that wants to maintain

more income, but his age tells on him in a short while so, it would have never been a biggee for us. I guess he knew Marty wasn't coming in high with the cash, so he didn't even bother to keep his name out there. Seattle's had a history

of good DB's and Safety's, like Blades, Robinson, so I thought they'd come through, if we didn't.

Does this also mean that Dave Wandstedt has finally come to his senses?

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