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Brunell has an arm


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In Brunell's defense on the long ball, Coles should have caught that one that was initially called an interception.

He simply jumped too soon, but he had position on the DB and the throw was right where it needed to be, considering.

He's impressed me so far, personally. Without a couple drops by Coles, he's got a good amount more yards, and our offense might not have stalled out on those drives either.

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Originally posted by jbooma

The problem is the WR's are dropping the balls. If we have those catches in the hands all of you will be praising the QB.

He has had 2 balls dropped against him. Conversely, he has had 3 catches which never should have been (most notably Portis dive and Coles leaping tip in the open flat). His misses have been bad, bad, and worse. Fortunately 2 INTs were tipped or dropped, and his deep balls have been facade throws that didn't land within 10 yards of their intended target.

He has looked very good since the last drive of the half, let's hope it continues, and that it was more than a temporary adjustment making him look good.

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Originally posted by O.S.F


That's lots of B.S.

While you keep asking what people see in PR and bash him each time you have a chance. You are just as blind in your favorite players... Look in the mirror.

I also see Ramsey wouldn't survive behind that line, why do you think we do so many rollouts, we can't block.

Mark is more mobile and that is why he is starting, that long bomb looked good just should have been a penalty

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Originally posted by Stormy

My God, Brunell absolutely created a drive out of nothing!! That was beautiful.

agreed :cheers:

loosing sucks...always..espeically to dallas...ughh...but we all saw a few good things here and there...it will take time and a few more tweaks...things to work on all the way around...coaching included. we'll be fine.

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