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  1. One of my biggest qualms with the press corps that covers the Skins is their inability to ask follow up questions. They get a shot at Bruce once every few years, and while some of the opening inquiries were good, when they received boilerplate platitudes, there was no follow up to make him answer truthfully (or at least squirm). Don’t just ask if there have been any inquiries about Trent, follow up by asking why there has been no accommodation on our part. If Bruce knows that Trent won’t be here at all, or only for a meaningless late season span to accrue his contract year. If Bruce knows that in the off-season Trent’s value will recede as teams look to a strong OT draft and FA to fill holes, without the in season urgency to plug a hole immediately, and that at that point we’ve also lost a full year of control of Trent, and have added a year to his playing age... then Bruce should be compelled to give this fan base an answer for WHY there has been no response from this organization to other team’s inquiries about Trent. As another poster said, this is organizational malpractice that sabotages the present and future of our franchise. Under Bruce’s watch we have been fleeced twice for 2 Andy Reid castoff QBs, have mortgaged the future in an unprecedented way to draft a failed QB in RG3, have franchise tagged a QB in a way never done before in the history of the league, and then let him walk for nothing, and that doesn’t even take into account the horrid overall record and lesser failures on Bruce’s watch. And yet, of all those colossal blunders, a failure to get a return on Trent would be Bruce’s signature move. #FireBruceAllen
  2. Stormy

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The only takeaway of importance from that press conference was that this Front Office remains as insulated, arrogant and oblivious as ever, and that absolutely nothing of importance is going to change here anytime soon!
  3. It was probably 1/3 empty, and of the 50,000-60,000 who were there, at least half were Patriots fans. That’s been pretty typical for most of the home games this year. The Skins fans who were there were actually fairly loud and involved until the 3rd when things started getting out of hand.
  4. McCoy’s horrible performance last season in Dallas, followed by the terrible first half against the Eagles before he got injured, was more than enough for me. And that was with a Trent led, healthier OL, a viable run game, and Jordan Reed on the field. McCoy won’t be able to play at a high enough level to compete with any of the relevant teams we have to compete against. Might he look alright here or there versus a Miami defense etc... maybe, but his play will be just like the rest of the QB play during most of the Jay Gruden era: not good enough to hang with the above .500 teams on the schedule. Jay has been pretty smug the past few press conferences, implying that Colt was always his choice to start this year, as if that is somehow the reason he’s off to a probable 0-5 start. I’ve never been anti-Jay, and actually have always liked elements of his passing scheme, but he is definitely showing that it’s time for his tenure to come to a close.
  5. Outside of speculation we don’t know Kyle’s position on Haskins at #15, which should be weighted the most. You don’t draft a QB of the future, which this team desperately was in need of, based on the win-immediately perspective of a likely lame duck head coach whose team has proven they are nowhere near ready to win now, no matter who they drafted at #1. This team had an injured Colt McCoy and a career journeyman (Keenum) on his 8th team on the roster as of draft day 2019. We could either draft Haskins in the first, or waited on drafting someone later with a backup QB ceiling. Then we still likely reach for Sweat at 15, maybe don’t have a guy like McLaurin fall to us in the 3rd (either because we’ve gone WR in Rd 2, or are drafting our backup QB in the 3rd), and we are left with most likely still having to draft our QB of the future next year in the first. All so Jay can fail again at winning now. No thanks! I think Haskins has the best combination of arm talent, tools, work ethic, physique and mind for the position that we’ve had here in years. I’m glad we have him to develop in a year that would have otherwise been wasted with Jay guiding Colt & Case to 10+ losses with nothing to show for the future. I think this entire narrative being public is incredibly unfair to a rookie who has taken a few quarters of snaps, but it is sooo Redskins!
  6. Hall alludes to this in the clip above, so I thought I’d chime in... Watching the Steelers on MNF, I thought, “this is how an innovative staff with some foresight designs a gameplan around their young starting QB.” Mason Rudolph, who doesn’t have the arm talent, pocket presence, or release of Haskins was put in a position to succeed, and he did so. Quick reads, simple concepts, and added innovation to the running game, all built his confidence, and made him look like a QB who can win some games rather than one facing insurmountable challenges. Jay Gruden’s staff could NEVER show than manner of innovation and adaptability. I expect more stubbornness and a “my system or the highway” approach from Gruden until the day he receives his walking papers.
  7. It wasn’t exactly a regular ‘face the 31st ranked defense’ for a variety of reasons. He didn’t practice with the starters or receive the first team weekly gameplan install reps. He was then tossed in mid-game down 2 scores on the road. He was also playing without half of the regular starting o-line, and without the offense’s best playmaker. This is not the way a smart team gives a rookie their first start, but then, we are not a smart team. He’ll take his lumps, but with proper preparation, reps, and availability of a supporting cast, he’s going to get much better.
  8. He mentioned in that most recent interview that one of the things he’s working on alongside learning the offense, his drops, his reads, his protections etc... is his body. He said he’s learning what it means to be in professional shape, rather than college shape. Every pro needs to learn this, and he’s working on it daily. I have high hopes for this kid precisely because I think he has a drive and a desire to learn that rivals his physical gifts. If we are patient with him, and the dysfunction of the franchise/fan base/media relationship don’t undercut him first, he’s going to be a good one.
  9. Stormy

    0-6 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    What a great year not to have a 2nd round pick!
  10. Stormy

    0-6 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    I disagree with most of this. Haskins has a great eye for calling protections, and while he is obviously less polished than Jones as a 1 year starter, I think that with time Haskins will have a great career. Nonetheless, the Giants successful launch of the Daniel Jones era, and their first win, definitely puts them a leg up on us.
  11. Stormy

    0-6 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    Agreed. I think that if we lose tomorrow night, 0-5 moves from a possibility to a likelihood. The diehard fan in me prays that we can somehow beat the Bears and Giants, and exit the Patriots game at a viable 2-3, but it doesn’t look promising. What changes does this franchise make the Monday after we lose to the Patriots by 30+ if we start 0-5? It’s disheartening to see that even the hapless Giants seem to have a better plan in place for the future than we do.
  12. Understood, sorry about that. I should have backtracked to get the proper context, rather than assuming that your contention was that this staff was too established to allow the bottom to fallout of their probable floor.
  13. After starting 5-2, we went 2-7 on the back 9, losing those games by a staggering 225-135!!! If that isn’t the bottom falling out of a season, I have no idea what is. That’s a collapse of Zornian proportions. And the defense has picked up where it left off down the stretch last year, despite adding talent (a first round pick, and a marquee FA safety).
  14. Stormy


    Finley just carved up our second string defense, and in the process orchestrated a better drive than anything we’ve put together in 1 1/2 games.
  15. I went to OTAs today, and liked what I saw of Haskins throughout. He seems fully engaged in learning from every bit of instruction he gets after each rep, and he rarely is seen more than a few steps removed from Kevin and/or Jay. During the 11-on-11 portions of practice, he was mostly smooth, decisive and even moved around in the pocket fairly adeptly. When he sets his feet and quickly identifies a target, he releases some absolute lasers that arrive with good touch, location and accuracy. Combine those assets with his mental acumen and poise (poise in general, not yet sure about under pressure), and this staff has some great clay to mold. Just for equal time, he wasn’t perfect when I was watching him. He was slow on a couple of reads, short armed a pass on an out route, and even mishandled a snap that would have been a costly turnover at game speed. However, the good considerably outweighed the bad. As an aside, I really liked the skill sets displayed by both McLaurin and Harmon today. Very complementary of each other. McLaurin caught a rocket from Haskins on a slant and found a crease that he might have taken to the house in an actual game... a gear I haven’t seen since DJax took one of those the distance versus the Cards for us. And Harmon looks like he could be a real chain mover and contested ball beast. Looking forward to seeing this tandem get a chance for some looks in 3/4 wide sets. One last piece of good offensive news too. Haskins has great feel and touch for the screen game, and Chris Thompson should thrive as a result. He looked the healthiest and quickest he’s looked since the opening weeks of 2018. Great seeing him back out there,