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  1. When was the last time that the Redskins hired a primary coach or coordinator on the basis that they were clearly the best available candidate based on merit? Virtually every Redskins hire requires the fan base to trust that somehow the front office knows best that this candidate is a good fit despite the track record indicating otherwise. Sure, it is apparent that given Jay’s near lame duck status, that the Redskins won’t be a desirable landing spot for many competent coaches. However, the fact is that the Redskins operate on this same counter-antalytical hiring basis even when they do have leverage (see: hiring of Barry, Manusky, promoting Cavanaugh over a top OC etc...). As another poster said, while other rising teams seem to be targeting up-and-coming coaches from proven franchises as their new hires, the Redskins are always hiring someone either on the basis of personal relationships or on the premise that they know better than the empirical evidence to the contrary why the candidate is the best hire. There sinply is no way for this franchise to succeed in any type of sustained way until a top-down housecleaning of this front office occurs, starting with Bruce Allen being replaced by an autonomous President of Football Operations or GM.
  2. Stormy

    Season Ticket Renewals

    They’ll have one less pair of season ticket holders. We’ve been Touchdown Club members for 11 seasons, and today is the day we decline our renewal and will be letting the client relations people know why. Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen’s perpetual dysfunction has people in our section (122) dropping out of our contracts left and right. They have no idea how to build a roster, and no capacity to take the hit necessary in the short term in order to allow for long term success. An entire F.O. built on hubris, saving face and CYA. When you see how quickly the Eagles, following strong personnel philosophy and process, went from worst to first, and this group is blindly throwing darts at the wall to max out at 7-9 wins... its no longer ok. They can keep this carousel to nowhere going, but they can do it without my money.
  3. Stormy

    The House that Bruce Built

    Fair enough on all fronts. He actually is the best of our bad options for landing a credible GM, which is worrisome.
  4. Stormy

    The House that Bruce Built

    Why would you trust Bruce Allen to hire a competent, outside, independent GM with a pedigree in personnel? Nearly every move he's made since acquiring the formal title of GM has involved either retaining coaches he's close to, hiring coaches based on familiarity over merit, or retaining guys in failed positions throughout the F.O. and staff because he's apparently comfortable with them. The fact that "he knows enough people around the league" is exactly the problem, and should in no way be comforting. I would like for Bruce to get it right, and have nothing against him personally, but frankly nearly his every move so far smacks of nepotism, good old boy, cronyism over sound philosophy and meritocracy. Worst of all, he apparently doesn't even REALIZE that there is a need for a GM with personnel skills, fresh blood amongst the coaches on the defensive side of the ball, or new eyes running the scouting department. How any of these apparent facts create trust in his ability to hire, or even see the need to hire, the right GM is beyond me.
  5. Stormy

    The House that Bruce Built

    27-49 since Allen was hired. It's not easy to get 22 games below .500 in less than 5 seasons. For all Bruce's blame shifting and claims that he had nothing to do with the previous 4 seasons, the dysfunction, drama, poor performance, lack of production from 2015 looks like more of the same from the previous 4 years.
  6. Stormy

    The House that Bruce Built

    I hear you, Elk, and I like Gruden. I'm just a fan of process, which is to say that I believe that there are empirical methods to building a successful organization. I think that the Redskins of the past 15+ years have largely flouted the idea of trying to follow a sound philosophical process for running a successful FO, and the result has been 8 coaches in 15 years and excess futility. Fast forward to this coaching search, and I just think they skirted the process in favor of a predetermined outcome. It's hard to imagine that the best candidate for the job just happened to have ties to 3 coaches who just happened to be retained from a 3-13 team, and to the GM conducting the search. Doesn't mean he's not a good hire, it just means that the process was probably a bit stacked to start with. Given how doing things our own way has worked before, I have worries. Likewise, had Gruden relieved one of the worst DCs of the past decade of his duties, I'd feel a lot better about the new staff, and his judgment.
  7. Stormy

    The House that Bruce Built

    I like the Gruden hire, but with Whiz now signing with the Titans, meaning that he was not a done deal to the Lions all along, Bruce failing to let the process play out and do his due diligence could really come back to haunt him. If Gruden fails, especially with a bunch of former Tampa and AFL/UFL castoffs and Allen holdovers surrounding him, perception will rightfully be that Bruce sabotaged his own search for the best available coach in favor of hiring a buddy.