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  1. Even though the draft trajectory didn’t always follow the pattern that I would have expected, or probably have chosen in some instances (for that matter when does it ever), I come away extremely pleased with this draft. In fact, aside from QB of the future and RB depth, I think the team managed to improve the depth, talent, athleticism and character of virtually every position unit. That’s virtually impossible to accomplish in any given draft. They wanted to dramatically upgrade their worst performing unit (LB corps ) with a dynamic playmaker, and they did so with a guy who is an eli
  2. Thanks SIP. In the event of a trade down I’d be much happier with that outcome. I do like Moehrig, but I don’t love him like I wanted to. Like most I’ve wanted to fill that FS void for the past decade, and he undoubtedly would be the best chance we’ve had to do that in a long time. I do think he’s well prepared, high character, intuitive and a good upgrade at the position. All of that would help improve our defense, but I don’t see him as a big difference maker on the back end. He just doesn’t pop for me when I watch him. Does he for you? Despite the great PD numbers and solid INT ra
  3. I disagree. You may be overlooking the emergence of roving LB/S hybrids across the best defenses in the NFL, and the annual carving up of our defense by opposing TEs and RBs becoming receivers out of the backfield. This was happening to our otherwise stellar defense up to and including the last game of 2020. JOK is a versatile playmaker who can solve those issues, while adding additional value as a blitzer and TFL guy against the run. Grab a MLB to pair with him in round 3 (Werner/Barnes) to help address our runstopping/fits issues and this defense is dramatically improved.
  4. I like most of those guys too, but what worries me is that 3/5 of those are gone with our pick, leaving us to choose between the least appealing options; Moehrig and Vera-Tucker. I like Moehrig, but he’s a reach at 19, isn’t a dynamic playmaker at safety, and is just slightly better overall than a slew of FS types available in rounds 2-4. I like Vera-Tucker too, but taking another OG with a first round pick is likely the smallest impact you could make on a roster already loaded with OGs. Both would be solid enough picks, and potential starters early in their careers, but
  5. That’s a blueprint for good roster management, which I think will prevail over taking the big swing for a potential superstar skill position player in round 1 this year. There’s likely no one we could draft in round 1 this year who could make the instant splash of Harris, but it’s probably wise for the present/future to land an LT on a rookie contract if we can. Darrisaw is my hope if we go this route.
  6. That’s an interesting take that runs against the prevailing wisdom. Those top 3 picks would dramatically transform our offense (though I have a feeling Moore is gone before our second pick, but maybe R. Moore instead?). It seems much more likely that they try to bolster the OL and upgrade the LB corps early, but I think your approach is really intriguing. Who could keep up with an offense that featured McLaurin, Samuels, Moore, Gibson, Harris, Thomas/Tremble? The versatility, depth and big play ability would rival any team in the NFL. That said, you’d enter 2022 still needing that QB
  7. It was definitely apparent how 1 dimensional this offense became last year when Gibson was out with his injury. Harris and Gibson would be our Hunt and Chubb and would instantly give us one of the most explosive and versatile backfields in the entire NFL. That said, with there being no smoke in the area, and the stated needs and focus we’ve had at other positions (LT, LB, FS), I seriously doubt Harris Is in the mix at 19. I wish he was.
  8. Not since Jim Zorn have I seen such an incompetent offensive scheme. I was fine with benching Haskins, but felt that the offensive scheme was more problematic than the QB play. Now that Ive seen Turner’s preferred QB run it, I know that it’s the scheme. Hate to complain on that rare occasion that we are actually in a game, but against anyone except the Giants we’re likely down 3 scores, and I don’t see how anything (or anyone) can possibly develop out of this offense.
  9. I completely understand this perception, and see why a significant portion of the fanbase would see the selection of Gibson in the early 3rd this way (hybrid, raw, bigger needs elsewhere, no defined position, lack of sustained production, a perceived reach etc...). However, I see the situation differently, and both get the rationale behind selecting Gibson at pick #66, and am extremely optimistic that his selection is going to pay big dividends on a variety of levels. First, what did our braintrust likely think was the greatest addressable deficiency on offense for this team, whic
  10. It would be great to have a young backfield of Guice, Love, Gibson together for the next 3 years. This year, given the abbreviated offseason, the new coaching staff, and the uncertain health status of Love (and to a degree Guice), I think we will realistically still see plenty of AP. Until those guys prove themselves as effective and available, the staff will likely go with the known quantity. The only scenario where that doesn’t happen (and the best case scenario) in my opinion, is that Guice and Love actually report to camp healthy and wow Rivera and Turner, and that Gibson acclima
  11. I'm excited about the x-factor versatility that Hudson can bring to this defense too, even though it might be another year before you could reasonably expect that type of impact. I kind of wonder why he lasted as long in the draft as he did, and even then was considered a bit of a reach and purely a special teams ace by most of the draft geek community? Is this low regard purely based on his size, lack of a defined role, and his potential tweener status that projects him as neither a pure LB or pure Safety? That seems rather shortsighted and outdated in a league that increasingly sees the majo
  12. I like Moreland, but I can see where Max is coming from. Moreland isn’t tall, isn’t long, has a slight build to his frame and is below average in straight line speed (oh, and he played his college ball against lower division talent). That’s a lot of checkmarks against his potential success. However, he potentially has elite level ball skills, great recognition and reaction, good quickness and superb anticipation and ability to read the QB. I think that those latter traits, combined with more experience and added strength, give him a chance to be good if he’s used properly (
  13. When I look at this team, this unit is the one that really concerns me. I recently watched some of the All 22 film from the last few games of 2019, with an eye towards the defensive backfield, and quite frankly this group was a comedy of errors. As a unit, they frequently were out of position in zone, were mostly overmatched in man-to-man, and seemed to have absolutely terrible communication. The exception to me was Moreau, who really came into his own once he was placed on the outside, where he looked so much better than he ever did in the slot. And here's what gives me some hope... how much
  14. I read this article on our draft, and Gibson in particular, yesterday, and could not have been less impressed by the "insiders" observations. I think stevemcqueen summarized it nicely elsewhere, but there is just a bunch of circular reasoning "scoutspeak" in these tidbits, most of which seems to be based in some pretty old school observations and evaluations. I think Gibson's potential versatility is a real evaluation block for these insiders, as opposed to a strength. I think that is going to prove to be a shortsighted perspective of a guy like Gibson, especially if Turner finds ways to get h
  15. I agree with most all of this, though I am extremely high on the potential for Gibson to be a big time playmaker if Scott Turner uses him the way I envision he will. Explosive, physical, big play threat in space, who has very low mileage on his tires and tons of room to grow. I'm probably more excited about him than any player outside of Young and McLaurin that we have drafted in the past 3-4 drafts. Totally agree on Charles, AGG and Moss, and I also think Ismael and Hudson find a way to contribute, and possibly become "starters" (at C and as a nickel backer respectively) by 2021. All-in-all
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