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  1. I think one of the great weaknesses of Jay’s offense has been predictability based upon the package on the field. To that end, we could use a TE on the field who is versatile enough to improve our run blocking, while also being a legit threat in the passing game. We don’t have that right now, as Davis and Reed are inadequate blockers, and as Sprinkle hasnt developed much in the passing offense. A great thing about drafting a guy like Hockenson (and an added bonus to having Guice on the field) is that they are truly 3 down players who aid all aspects of the offense. Right now everything is telegraphed to the 1 dimensional strengths of guys like Reed, Davis, AP, CT) when they are on the field, and if we utilize them on downs where they are ineffectual, they usually get exploited. Agreed that they need to go LG, and probably fairly early. I think a strong case can be made for a well-rounded TE early too.
  2. Agreed. The Skins have the worst WR corps in the division by a pretty huge margin. As you said, if they really are in win now mode, hard to imagine them standing pat. Then again, they are in win now mode with Colt & Case as their QBs, so who really knows how delusional this F.O. and coaching staff are at the moment? If there is nothing else looming in FA or trade market, they almost have to go WR with their #1 or #2, don’t they? How can you go into a season with Doctson, a healing Richardson and Quinn as your starters. Bad part is that their TE situation is almost as bad, and I don’t think they even know it. I feel like if Hockenson lands in their lap at #15, they’ll still pass because they somehow think it’s not an area of weakness. Wrong!
  3. Stormy

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I’m a BPA guy, always have been, but it is hard for me to ignore how desperately in need of talent the offensive side of the ball is (with glaring needs at QB, WR, TE, LG etc...). That said, I think our needs might match up nicely with best available talent in the early rounds, because of the depth at several of the aforementioned positions). As it currently stands, this would have to project as just about the worst offense in the NFC, and there doesn’t seem to be any help coming from the FA ranks. A draft along the lines of the following, could be a great start to improving the future prospects of the offense. Especially if they send next year’s #2 and a player to AZ for Rosen... 1.15 - Hockenson 2.14 - WR (i.e. Samuel) 3.15 - New starting LG If we’re talking pure BPA, which given the deplorable state of the offense, I can’t see Bruce & Jay doing in a make or break year... my current favorites, who might be reasonably available at 15, would probably be... D. White Hockenson Burns Though, the best case scenario might be to trade back off of 15, add another 3rd, and pick from a great value pool of late first round talent.
  4. 6/11ths of next year’s starting defense likely to be Bama guys (7/11ths if SDH starts and HCD returns), and they tried to make it more by pursuing Moseley. When you consider they only started drafting Alabama guys 2 drafts ago, that’s a lot of personnel from one school. Mostly good players, so not too many gripes about it, but it doesn’t take the place of actually being able to identify and develop talent. I also agree that if O’Connell shines in his new role, that he’s primed for a HC gig the next time Jay stumbles.
  5. That guy’s got 9 lives with this team. I appreciate his toughness and willingness to play through pain, but he represents everything that is outdated and incoherent about this defense. Slow to diagnose, and even slower arriving to the hole. Throw in the in-season comments he made about this fan base, and he should have been gone yesterday. This team rarely bites the bullet and makes the hard or shrewd move ahead of time. You can sense the lack of foresight and long term vision in virtually every move they make.
  6. Barr changed his mind and is staying with the Vikings, per Ian Rapaport on NFLNetwork.
  7. And your improved run blocking from the TE position, which is woeful among the current group of TEs other than Sprinkle.
  8. I like the Collins signing, as I believe he is not only better, younger, and more of a tone setter than DJ was, but that he is a leader on the field (and in the locker room) who can change the whole demeanor of our defense on Sundays). That being said, I believe the Redskins need to add another big impact defender via free agency if they want to truly improve the 2019 defense. Losing Smith and DJ, and only adding Collins, given the uncertainty of the Foster and Nicholson situations, is maybe a 'push' at best in improving the defense. That won't cut it, given how poorly this defense played in the latter half of 2018. This team needs a couple of major impact additions on that side of the ball in order to be truly improved, so that they can then turn their attention to a combo of BPA, and to addressing what looks to potentially be the league's worst offense, via the draft. There is still plenty of time for them to do that, but they truly need to be all-in if they want to put an improved defensive product on the field for 2019. If it's more of the same, one step forward, two steps back half measures this offseason, then we'll be spinning our wheels again.
  9. Stormy

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    That would be a dream draft, and a great convergence of BPA and need. However, I’ve got to believe that Lindstrom has placed himself solidly in Rd2, and that Samuel is likely also gone before 2.14. Would love White to drop to us at 1.15, but coming off the combine performance, expect him to be top 10 too. He would probably be my top choice, alongside Hockenson or Murray at 1.15, but I half expect all 3 to be gone by the time we pick. Sorry, didn’t mean to throw cold water on what looks like an ideal draft for us, just feel like all three of those guys are trending up from where fanspeak currently has them falling! PS: Just saw that in a subsequent post, that you felt the same way about them not being available at those picks.
  10. Stormy

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    And White just bested him, by .02. I’m of the BPA persuasion, but this year with the hope that BPA in round 1 might align with one of our many offensive needs. However, man would an ILB like White be transformative for this defense. Too bad that it’s increasingly unlikely that he’ll make it out of the top 10.
  11. Stormy

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I agree with this assessment, and Schrager would know, as he’s well connected. Lock’s live arm, the feel and touch on most of his throws (struggled a bit on throwing to the sidelines on the right side of the field), and his confidence, all stole the show. And his footwork looked better than expected too. A couple of other observations... Haskins looked fairly pedestrian in many ways, including the slow footwork on dropbacks. I also thought Daniel Jones looked better than expected on arm strength and deep accuracy, and had the best footwork of the first group. No idea what that one observer who said he had nothing on his throws was talking about. Still don’t like him for our pick, but in fairness to him he looked much more polished than most of his grouping. Jackson looks like an athlete, but his mechanics make him a huge project. And Grier seems to be one of those guys who has it when the pads are on, but looked pretty erratic and nondescript in the drills. This is why it’s so hard to judge QBs. Personally, I wouldn’t want to spend a first rounder on anyone not named Murray or Lock in this draft. Just my 2 cents.
  12. When was the last time that the Redskins hired a primary coach or coordinator on the basis that they were clearly the best available candidate based on merit? Virtually every Redskins hire requires the fan base to trust that somehow the front office knows best that this candidate is a good fit despite the track record indicating otherwise. Sure, it is apparent that given Jay’s near lame duck status, that the Redskins won’t be a desirable landing spot for many competent coaches. However, the fact is that the Redskins operate on this same counter-antalytical hiring basis even when they do have leverage (see: hiring of Barry, Manusky, promoting Cavanaugh over a top OC etc...). As another poster said, while other rising teams seem to be targeting up-and-coming coaches from proven franchises as their new hires, the Redskins are always hiring someone either on the basis of personal relationships or on the premise that they know better than the empirical evidence to the contrary why the candidate is the best hire. There sinply is no way for this franchise to succeed in any type of sustained way until a top-down housecleaning of this front office occurs, starting with Bruce Allen being replaced by an autonomous President of Football Operations or GM.
  13. Stormy

    Season Ticket Renewals

    They’ll have one less pair of season ticket holders. We’ve been Touchdown Club members for 11 seasons, and today is the day we decline our renewal and will be letting the client relations people know why. Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen’s perpetual dysfunction has people in our section (122) dropping out of our contracts left and right. They have no idea how to build a roster, and no capacity to take the hit necessary in the short term in order to allow for long term success. An entire F.O. built on hubris, saving face and CYA. When you see how quickly the Eagles, following strong personnel philosophy and process, went from worst to first, and this group is blindly throwing darts at the wall to max out at 7-9 wins... its no longer ok. They can keep this carousel to nowhere going, but they can do it without my money.
  14. Stormy

    The House that Bruce Built

    Fair enough on all fronts. He actually is the best of our bad options for landing a credible GM, which is worrisome.
  15. Stormy

    The House that Bruce Built

    Why would you trust Bruce Allen to hire a competent, outside, independent GM with a pedigree in personnel? Nearly every move he's made since acquiring the formal title of GM has involved either retaining coaches he's close to, hiring coaches based on familiarity over merit, or retaining guys in failed positions throughout the F.O. and staff because he's apparently comfortable with them. The fact that "he knows enough people around the league" is exactly the problem, and should in no way be comforting. I would like for Bruce to get it right, and have nothing against him personally, but frankly nearly his every move so far smacks of nepotism, good old boy, cronyism over sound philosophy and meritocracy. Worst of all, he apparently doesn't even REALIZE that there is a need for a GM with personnel skills, fresh blood amongst the coaches on the defensive side of the ball, or new eyes running the scouting department. How any of these apparent facts create trust in his ability to hire, or even see the need to hire, the right GM is beyond me.