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Darnerien McCants


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Originally posted by jamboydc

Why isn't Darnerien McCants getting any playing time?

I think he should be the 3rd receiver. He'd give defenses 3rd corners trouble.

Coach Gibbs, however, does not agree and I'm going with Gibbs. This subject has been debated to death the last week or so. Do a fast search for McCants or Garndener on this board and you will see all you need to see on the subject.

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Originally posted by Vegas Baby

Jacobs is a better WR than Gardner. Speed, hands, routes...

But Gibbs runs this team not me...

I'm inclined to agree and I consider myself a Jacobs fan, but other than the preseason and camp reports, we really know very little about this guy. It can not be denied on paper he is a fine receiver. He hasn't dropped any passes that I've seen (in the games he was active thus far)

I really want to see Jacobs have a legit shot at #2 or 3, 'cause I'm growing weary of Gardner, like many others.

Sending vibes to Gibbs: "Send in Jacobs instead of Gardner for several series, send in Jacobs..."


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