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Can you say...MOSS/CULPEPPER!


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LETS GO VIKES! I would love nothing more ot see the Culpepper/Moss Combo light up the Eagles. It should be a barn burner, and it will be a shootout, I just think Moss and Culpepper will win.

Here's the fun part....Being the Skins and whoever plays the Eagles are my 2 favorite teams, I'll be sporting a buddy of mine Culpepper Jersey when I work at the bar on Monday night.

Will I...

a. get spit on by some white trash mf'er and be forced to kill him.

b. Get harassed like i did last year in the 4th and 26 game with my Farve Jersey.

C. Be subtle and classy like I did when the Eagles choked in the NFC Championship game with my Carolina Sweatshirt and Bucs Jersey?

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I was watching Cold Pizza this morning and Skip Bayless ( who I have never liked ) said that McNabb was a better QB then Culpepper. Last I checked when did Culpepper throw grounders to his WR's? McNabb is good, but Culpepper is the better QB. If I was starting a team and had to choose between Culpepper and McNabb, it would be a no-brainer...Culpepper is the easy choice.

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