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Any Australian football fans?


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Are there any Skins fans out there who follow Australian Rules Football (AFL)?

Next Saturday, our Grand Final (like the Super Bowl) is to be played between Port (Adelaide) Power and Brisbane Lions.

This is historic for the AFL as it will be the first time in the leagues 100+ year history that two non-Victorian teams will play off in the last Saturday in September.

Unfortunately, my team (Collingwood), after playing in the last two Grand Finals, finished a lowly 13th (in a 16 team competition), so my interest is only minor, but Brisbane will be attempting to tie the league record of four consecutive Grand Final victories, but personally, I hope they lose.

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Originally posted by jenmdixon

I watch it when I come across it - I really enjoy watching it. I have not yet learned enough about it to "get" it just yet, but it sure is fun to watch. :)

Just imagine a game in which the rules were designed by Monty Python, and you have the basic idea down.

EXAMPLES (say these in a British accent):

1) How shall we begin the play? Let us BOUNCE the ball upon the earth!

2) It is not meet that players be allowed to run, willy nilly, with the ball; nay, they must BOUNCE said ball upon the earth for each tenfold pace.

3) It is not meet that players be allowed to throw the ball, willy nilly; nay, they must HIT the ball with clenched fist to their brethren.

4) The umpires on the boundary shan't run forwards; they shall run backwards.

5) Everyone shall clothe themselves silly shorts. Umpires, you must wear said shorts as well (but at least you shan't have to wear white lab coats anymore).

6) Should a player miss the goal, we shall have mercy and award the missing team one point for the miss.

7) etc

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Jolly good there, mate!.

How can a sport be coherent, when the "Laws of the Game" begin with the statement, "Basis of the rules:

The laws of Australian Football constantly evolve..."?

Anyway, I even got to watch the last quarter of the final today. How confusing was that!

Even the clock kept changing without logic; the ground had no apparent shape (round? rectangular? amoeba-like?); a random number of points was awarded to players who kicked the ball - some running, some taking all the time in the world; I think in the end it was the azure team that won… ;)

Good job, Power... but I'll stick with FA footcall, and that other sort, the one with the pads and funny helmets...

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Random points? It's either 6 points for a kick that goes thru the big sticks, or 1 point for a kick that goes between a big stick and a little stick.

:confused:, surely not!

The first quarter was the best. That's when all the fights broke out. We don't have a send-off (ejection) rule, so you can beat the crap out of an opposition player and still finish the game. However, you can be reported (have your number recorded by an umpire) and if you do, you will have to face the tribunal (disciplinary committee) the following Tuesday night to see if you are found guilty of the offence. You are then dealt a penalty, which is normally to miss a couple of games.

It was the first ever premiership for the team that won (Port Power), but the team that lost (Brisbane Lions) were attempting to win their fourth consecutive premiership. Only one team in history has achieved four in a row, and that was back in 1927 - 30.

The playing season has now ended until March 2005, but before that we have a trade week (where players are traded between teams), a National Draft (where 17 - 18 year old kids are drafted) followed by a pre-season draft (for those players no longer contracted or those who were not drafted).

I hope this hasn't all been :blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah: , but at least I can now fully concentrate on the Redskins.

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As you know, you can't compare teams from different eras, but the 1927-30 Collingwood teams did it without the financial assistance provided to Bri$bane, and all their players were drug free.

I'm sure if the NFL allowed one team more salary cap than the others, and permitted players to play whilst knowingly using steroids, I'm sure that team would dominate for many years.

Our relatively injury free run came back to bite us this season, so hopefully we're over that, and with some wise trading and recruiting, we'll be back there again next year.

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