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Not sure if someone already did this... But, there were a lot of discussions here a long time ago that losing Champ was worse than getting CP...

Let's go by the numbers...

CB: 1 catch for 11 yards; 1 Int; 2 Solo tackles and 4 Assisted tackles...

CP: 29 carries for 148 yards, 1 TD; 4 catches for 15 yards...

Hmm... Who would you rather have? I think our Defense has more than recooperated for CB loss...

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When you think about it, we each got the better end of the deal.

Denver is going to use bailey on offense, they needed him on D, and they won't miss portis because of thier amazing scheme.

We needed a real runningback desperately, and we got one.

Unless one or the other tanks, it should work out well for both teams.

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i was gettting so pissed at those commentators last night. it is not a question of the head to head comparison out there. if you are going to evaluate this trade you have to say this:

would you rather have smoot, bailey, bowen, iffy, and betts for only one year or

smoot, springs, bowen, taylor, and portis with restructured contracts for 4ish.

there is a huge reason why i included iffy in the first grouping and taylor in the second, and that is b/c if we had kept bailey then our offensive concerns would have won over and we would have drafted the cancer, but because we addressed our offensive concerns with CP we were able to get the Defensive help we needed.

now looking at those two choices to have, over several years (and yes we will resign smoot) i think that it is a no brainer.

also, if you flipped it for denver, the trade was also a no brainer. fact of the matter is that both teams improved their needs and their talent by the trade. that having been said, when comparing the stats also throw in the 15 yard celebration penalty to bailey and the 0 penalty yards to CP.

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