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I'm flying all the way from California to expect........


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All of us fans to be loud and make a stand this weekend. As Lavar said recently, he needs us as "the 12th man". This team needs us so, we need to get loud this weekend no butts about it. Are you guys with me???

We got to go back to RFK days.....shake the building.

By the way, as you guys know my friend Brandon who plays for the Rams got me tickets for this weekends game from Antonio Pierce (his college buddy). I will know today if I'm going to meet him in person or if he's going to leave my tickets on will call. If I meet him in person, I will take pictures (then post) and convince him to come on this board. I'll let him know to ask about this board from Patrick Ramsey since, he was once on this board. I can not wait. I look forward in partying with all the fans this weekend.

Please, we need to get loud this weekend.....

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That's awesome you are flying out to support. I am in AZ but won't be able to make the home opener. I will be there to represent sometime during this season, though.

Seriously guys, keep it loud and rawkin... We don't want Tampa to even have one successful drive in our house.

12th man is right.

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Cali .... Wooooo .... That sure is a long trip. I hope that you and the others have a safe flight .... It sure is awesome to see / hear about fans like yourself - coming clear across the country to see the game! And don't worry ... the skins will make sure that the trip was worth your while! ;)

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