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Things that make you go hmmmm?


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Originally posted by SkinsHokie Fan

I'll add what Kilmer add to these threads.


Not that I believe any of this, but if the government could do what the theory says they did, then they would have no problem making the plane and its passengers dissappear.

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Whats worse is posting a thread and getting ZERO replies.


You put it out there and watch the world pass it by. Uh, oh, you laid a stinker....

You hold up your hand, blow into it and sniff to see if it was your breath.


then you sorta look around, find no one looking, and take a quick whiff of your underarm. hmmmm, I remembered the deoderant... wasn't that......

Now what really gets you paranoid is when you have two non- reply threads close to each other.


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