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Redskins at war with Washington Post

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Hmm. :doh: I'm on the west coast, so what is the Washingtonian? :rolleyes:

-- Redskins at War with the Washington Post --

Thu Sep 2, 2004 --from FFMastermind.com

The Washingtonian reports the Washington Redskins and the Washington Post are engaging in attacks on one another. The once happy marriage between the two began to break up when the Redskins put out a pair of press releases to correct what it called the Post's inaccurate reports.

In one release, the Redskins accused the Post of having secretly garnered more than 200 prime season tickets. In addition, an unnamed Redskins official leaked the name of the Post employee listed as the holder of the season tickets to a morning-radio talk-show host. When he broadcast the name, fans flooded the Post with calls, telling the paper to give up the seats.

The Post fired back, using a Tony Kornheiser column that poked fun at Redskins owner Dan Snyder for putting 5,000 partially obstructed-view seats into FedEx Field. The "fighting" began with an August 26 Post story quoting fans who complained the Redskins misled them about the lousy views from the new seats.

Responding to the seat story, the Redskins put out a press release criticizing two Post reporters for failing to accurately portray the selling of the seats. "Surprisingly," the release said, "The Washington Post newspaper is in fact the single-largest general admission ticket holder at FedEx Field, with more than 200 prime lower bowl seats under one discreet account." "Since general admission is designed to benefit the individual fan, not major corporations," Redskins official Mitch Gershman said in the release, "having secretly garnered more than 200 of the best lower bowl seats, isn't it time for the Washington Post to recognize the needs of the individual fan?"

The Redskins also claim the Post has published inaccurate stories and failed to correct them. Post writer Nunyo Demasio mistakenly reported that a player had been cut. He read about his release and went to the coaches to turn in his playbook. "You're messing with people's lives," said a Redskins official, who added that the Associated Press picked up the inaccurate player transaction.

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The sad thing about it is the post has the upper hand here. No one reads the times and they won't start because of this. The post is still #1 in this town, and the redskins are going to have to live with it. Curious what radio host they were talking about since Tony hasn't been on radio since April or May :laugh:

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