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What I need to see in P-Ram

herb mul-key

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I do not think Patrick has the right personality to be a star QB.

I need to see leadership and fire, no bland uncommunicative, statueness.

I need to see that he has the traits of a Farve, Elway, Marino, Steve Young, Phil Simms( hate to say it but tough, great leader).

Ram can take all the hits but if he doesn't get up and get fired up once in a while who cares how much pain you can't feel. Show some mojo and charisma Patrick, talk to the team, drill some quick completions, lead this team if you want it.

I need to feel leadership presence if I as a fan am to be convinced Patrick can be the starter!

What do you need to see?

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I need to see completions, and quick, smart decisions.

I think he's got the fire, he just needs some success. It will come. You're looking for traits in a third year player that you saw in Hall of Fame QBs. Those guys didn't have that at this point in their careers.

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Originally posted by bubba9497

What I need to see???? not a damn thing... it is what coach Gibbs needs to see. ;)

You can say the same thing about every post about every player..

Doesnt matter what we think, its what coach thinks....

You know what he meant, as a fan, he would like to see ______________.

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:laugh: Ah herb. You crack me up. Really. So sensitive. And all this on a game night. You wanted folks to know so you posted in the thread that was dedicated to the subject about Ramsey. Great. Then golly gee, so proud were you that hey! That was good. I should start a thread saying................ the exact same thing. Whew! Boy. I tell ya. Now, I'm not really much of a thread guardian, however it does get a little redundant and having folks do just what this thread did. Take up some space repeating yourself. As for getting outside Park City and other such comments, I''ll just leave those alone being that I'm not going to get bent because of such trivial and petty things. Especially on an internet message board. About....... nothing. Now that would be pathethic and then I would need a life.

Now. All that said, not trying to discourage new threads or anything. Can't. Won't. However, if the points been made, why make it again?

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