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Missed the Dolphins game....


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Originally posted by JJredskins00

I was out of town from Saturday - Wednesday and have been starved of Redskins info. Can someone please give me a rundown of the game and of the events leading up to today. Thank you.

Well, we pretty thoroughly throttled the Dolphins in every conceivable way. Offensively we ran the ball down their throats to the tune of 50-plus carries for 180-plus yards. The Dolphins were really unable to stop much of what we did. We did bring out a new play which looked like an old Packer sweep where Dockery and Thomas led around the left end for Portis on a big gainer.

Brunell looked pretty good and efficient for the most part, though he was doing a lot of checking down to backs. Ramsey looked somewhat more comfortable, but still hasn't put together a good performance on paper yet. As excited as we all were with seeing how well we ran the ball, we were probably more juiced with the defense.

Though the players are saying we're not showing hardly anything so far, we were consistently penetrating against the Dolphins, generating pressure while maintaining good coverage. The Dolphins had less than 100 yards total in the game despite a pretty fair opening drive that ended with Taylor causing a fumble and recovering it himself.

Since the game little has really happened.

Arrington, Barrow and Daniels are still out for the defense. Taylor looks to be with the first team now. Ramsey's starting on offense. No other significant injuries.

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Well, we played very well. Pitched a nice shutout even without Arrington. Taylor is a beast, nailed Chambers on a crossing router and caused a fumble, then picked it up and ran about 4 yards. Offense was all run. I think we passed the ball like maybe 17 times. We just kept running it down thier throat. Finally had a sweep with Portis that went for 22 yards. Overall good game. O-line dominated the whole game.

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