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Will Portis get his money back?

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Yeah I was wondering about this. CP should have made him sign some type of contract... b/c with Iffy gone the number is up for grabs. Unless in his eyes he was paying for the right to use the number in the first 2 preseason games, than CP didn't really get anything out of the deal.

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I think it would kind of be like kicking a guy while he is down to demand the $ back from Iffy after he had been cut, Portis is new with the team, and doesn't want to seem like a dick to the guys who have been friends with him over the last 3 years.

Besides, I bet Portis would rather him just keep it than to go through the accwardness of asking for it back.

Although it would be intersting to see if we play AZ in the post season if Portis brings him a case of Beer. HA!

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