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Off the bat, i'd id like to admit that i have lost allo my street credit. I've lived in the suburbs for way too long, and now I'd like some of my stret cred back. The solution? Become a walking stereotype of the hispanic people. Kinda like this guy


I've devised a list, feel free to add to it

Things To Do To Become More Spanish:

Join Los Lobos

Grow Hair Out and Slick Back

Get Upper Torso Tribal Tatoos

Buy a Machete

Begin a Mariachi Band

Buy a Donkey

Restore a 1958 Impala

Move to East LA

Enroll in East LA University

Star in Fast and the Furious 3: The College Years

Replace Marc Anthony as Hispanic Sex Symbol

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if you start a mariachi band, buy a mexican sombrero, everyone always likes those.

buy and wear a lot of wifebeaters

learn your history and culture if you dont already, doing that will make you think more Spanish automatically.

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get your chinos creased, buy some Chuck Taylors, watch the movie Colors like three times, and get a low rider bike. Oh yeah study hydraulics, car stereos,automotive upholstering, and get some tough looking chicks to hang out with you.

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