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had to post this garbage...........


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One of you Phish heads explain the lack of meaning in this particular song if you please.....

I thought I would never find such an abhorrant site, but this one was thrust into my lap. Take a look around.....

Trey Anastasio


Trey Anastasio, the lead guitarist of Phish, has endorsed movements advocating the prohibition of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. This is seemingly benign, but he is supporting terrorism. By preventing oil exploration in Alaska, America’s dependency on foreign oil increases. Most of this money goes to the Middle East, from where terrorism originates. If Anastasio does not support America’s self-sufficency in energy, he certainly is not a patriot, nor he is on our side. Lets apply the Bush doctrine: if he provides support for terrorists, then he is a terrorist.

The band further supports terrorism - the greatest evil confronting the civilized world in the 21st century - through the drug use that is prevalent at its concerts. The connection between drugs and terrorism is well documented. The Department of Justice, in addition to protecting the homefront, has launched another campaign, a "pre-emptive strike," on non-violent offenders through Operation Pipe Dreams, which will to incarcerate thousands more for possesion of substances deemed "illicit" and supporting worldwide terrorist operations.

Phish has also sent out messages openly and covertly supportive of terrorism. In the Phish song Golgi Apparatus the band encourages violent chemical and biological attacks against American targets. The song begins with the announcement that "I look into my finance box just to check my status." This depicts the precautions taken by every terrorist cell - finding adequate funding. The lyrics next speak of entities called "Golgi" and "lysosome," cell structures which would be useful in a biological attack. Lastly, the band illustrates the outcome of the attack when it talks of spreading "woe." This "woe" refers to the effects of previous terrorist events. The song ends with the conclusion that "I couldn't get it wrong, so I had to." This should leave no doubt about their determination. They will stop at nothing to advance their aims.

Where will the next attack occur? Its difficult to say. Condoleeza Rice has warned that secret messages abound in terrorist missives. Golgi Apparatus hints at the location of the next attack. The song warns that "you can't even see the sea." This means that the threat is probably directed against a landlocked target. New York and Washington DC are safe, but cities like Chicago, IL are at risk. The song was written before the war on terrorism began. This is to be expected, as terrorist plots take years to create and properly execute.

Trey Anastasio. He has never renounced terrorism and refuses to do so. He Actively works against American interests. Thus, he is with the terrorists. Take adequate protection.

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