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DVD burning


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Can someone please tell me if theres a program out there that can burn DVD's? is there a copyright law that bands you from copping DVD's? I was told that the Motion picture people have done a lawsuit against DVD burning and now all softwares are blocked. What is your take on that? I might be barking up the wrong tree, but just need some Info. Thanks in advanced.

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There is lots of software and hardware out there that will allow you to burn DVDs.

What the current software won't let you do is decrypt encrypted DVDs. (Which means, pretty much every pre-recorded DVD you can buy.)

You can use the existing software, for example, to make DVDs of things you've recorded off-the-air. (Although, you'll need a lot of room on your hard drive, since I think you'll have to "record" the movie, or whatever, on your hard drive, and then burn from the hard drive to DVD.) You can transfer anything, as far as I know, that you've got on VHS to DVD (same limitation: I think you have to use your hard drive as an intermediary).

Now, as to what's legal:

When you purchase something, like a DVD, audio CD, book, or whatever, you have the right to make copies for your own use. (Even if the media has a sticker, license, or whatever, that says you can't). This is one example of what's called 'fair use'. (Other examples, for example, include the right to quote small portions of copyrighted material in a review or reference). The courts have ruled, for many years, that even the owner of a copyright can't restrict your ability to make copies for your own use. (Which does not mean, for example, that you can make a copy, and give the copy, or the original, to someone else.)

However, the recording industry has chosen to encrypt every DVD you buy. The decoder's built into your DVD player. But, the encryption protocol is covered by a law the recording industry got passed. It's illegal for anyone to build a device that decrypts the information on the DVD (without a license from the recording industry).

There was software, on the market, that allowed you to make copies of DVDs. The movie industry is prosecuting the maker, and the court's issued an injunction prohibiting them from selling the software (at least, the part that decrypts encrypted DVDs).

The movie industry is going to argue in court that this new law forbids him from selling software (and prohibits you, from using the software) to defeat copy protection. The software maker is going to argue that his software allows owners to make copies for their own use, which is a completely legal act.

Don't expect a ruling any time soon, since, now that they've got the sale of the software stopped, the movie industry will now a) try to drag things out for as long as possible, since they've already got what they want, and B) try to bankrupt the poor guy by running up as many legal bills as possible.

So, all the DVD software you see on the shelves, today, will only record media that isn't encrypted.

Now, I've been told that there are lots of illegal software out there that will take an encrypted DVD and turn it into un-encrypted data on your hard drive. But, bear in mind, if you do this, then you may be in a position where, even though you're doing a legal thing, there's no legal way to do it.

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I bought DVDXcopy as soon as it came out, It was on the shelves for about 9 weeks before the lawsuits started.

The movie industry all about power and control. Instead of producing quality entertainment they are scared of people using the and computers to steal copywrited movies and songs.

I understand the need to protect the copy holders but it's very excessive at this point in time.

Soon intead of having a "play" button on devices it will be a "Pay" button

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Originally posted by carlsbadd

The movie industry all about power and control. Instead of producing quality entertainment they are scared of people using the and computers to steal copywrited movies and songs.

The operative word in your sentance, here, is steal.

The owner of something has a right to not want it to be stolen.

Now, while I'll agree that the movie industry appears to trying to make it illegal for people to make legal copies of things they already own, (it irritates me that, over the years, I think I've bought six copies of Star Trek: The Motion Picture), they most assuredly have the right to object to, and prosecute, theft.

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I agree Larry, I am not advocating copyright theft. I am concerned that the copywrite protection scemes go to far and end up costing the consumers to much money for recording ,timeshifting and storing media that is with in thier "Fair use" rights.

I don't have a problem with secure technology as long as it works with out a glitch. Just do a search for Broadcast flag or HDMI , HDPC to see how confusing the whole issue is getting.

I have a new computer with MS Media player and MS movie maker. I can record home movies and edit them but when I try to add music from a CD I already own, I sometimes can't because the Digital rights management code in the software askes me for a license copy. So a simple function like making a home movie with music become a chore of finding the right kind of software that will do what I need, More time and possible money spent after I just bought a new computer with the latest sofeware.

That is what makes me mad. All this so called great technology and I can't do the simplest things.

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Originally posted by DUSTINMFOX

Is DVD Encryptor free...I just got a Dell labtop with a dvd durner, and I've been using a trial version of AnyDVD that is up 6 days????

Both are free...



I would recommend using DVD Shrink if you are copying a dual layer dvd, and DVD Dcrypter if you are copying a single layer dvd.

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