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Hmm do dems in NY really want Kerry??


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Originally posted by Rock-Bufford

That's why I'm voting for Lex Luthor!


He might be an evil genius.........but he knows how to NOT run a company into the ground!

Lex in 04!

Bufford has now officially checked out :laugh:

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That southern accident by far is the best job Bush has done yet!


Kerry's hunting and pecking like a bird on seed, so I am having some problems with him and swing voting is not out of the question for a lot of DEMs. The truth is, states have reps a person, who's a DEM, might want in, but not want Kerry in, but get sick picking Bush. It's a mad world I tell ya', it's a mad world!

To break this cycle of same, er I mean pain, I have decided to do the no look flip of the switch, or the electronic no look slide, or the no look punch, - would be nice to have dart board and whoever the dart hits, they're in (please remove Ralph Nader from the board - thank you :) )

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Originally posted by Tommy-the-Greek

I'd like to know if the 18-25 crowd on this board are registered voters and will they vote? I don't care who they vote for. I just want to know if they are going to vote.

I always vote, even for the little stuff. I drove home 3 hours from school to vote in the Democratic primary earlier this year and then drove back. I hate when people say my generation does not care, because there are a lot of us who do, unfortunately the majority of us don't.

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