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Vegas Odds?


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According to Bodog sportsbook the birds are 11/2 to win the super bowl. Colts at 7/1, Panthers 15/1 and the skins are 12/1.

Philly is the favorite to win the NFC @ 2/1

Skins are 6/1

Odds to win the division are Philly -145

Skins 2/1

Dallas 3/1

Giants 4/1


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The Redskins are being given better odds to go to the Super Bowl this season than the Panthers, who went last year?

And they are being given better odds at winning the NFC East than the Cowboys, who did so well last year?

D@mn, Gibbs reputation rings loud in Vegas, doesn't it? :)

Obviously, the odds-makers are 'hedging thier bets' here. :) Despite this being Gibbs first year back, they don't want to give the Redskins TOO long of odds, then Gibbs effects a quick turn-around and they are paying through the nose.

I don't blame them. :)

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Don't know if this has been posted, but....

Super Bowl tickets available at face value.

ticketreserve.com has prices for all 32 teams. The catch is you buy a team, differing dollar values, and if they get there it gives you the opportunity to buy a game ticket at face value. If they don't you have something of no value whatsoever.

Face value last year was $500 I believe, so it's still pretty steep.

Redskins currently at $50, Eagles at $200, so they're obviously a favorite to make it.

Seems like a different form of gambling, yet somehow legal???


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