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Van Halen: Official 2004 Tour Thread (Spoilers)

Commander PK

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Well, I promised you guys I would come back with review and setlist for the show, and I have one. :)

The band opening the show is a band called "Silvertide," and they are out of Philadelphia. I was VERY impressed with these guys. Whatever you do, don't arrive late and miss them. They are very 70's and 80's influenced. They kind of remind me of the Black Crowes a little bit, just edgier. Good Stuff. They don't have a debut album out yet, according to their website it's due out on September 28th. However, their first single "Mary Jane" is getting some airplay in the D.C, Baltimore area, you've probably heard it. "scream my name, Mary Jane!" Great tune. They've got more.

On to Van Halen. I think my order is dead on, sorry if I made a mistake.

Jump (Different for these guys to open with this one)


Humans Being

Up For Breakfast (New Song, best of the three new ones)

Mike Bass Solo (I dig Mike, but I'm always indifferent to his Bass Solos)

Somebody Get Me A Doctor (Mike sings, very cool)


It's About Time (New Song)

Alex Solo (Alex has still got it, great solo. Not a lot of electronic gimmicky stuff, just straight up drums)

Top Of The World

Unchained (First time Sammy has done this one live. He does a pretty good job with it.)

Why Can't This Be Love?

Eagles Fly

Deeper Kind Of Love (Off of Sammy's 10-13 Solo album from 2000)

Learning To See (New Song)

Best Of Both Worlds (Everybody loves this song)

Eddie Solo (What can I say, the man is a badas@!. He does some new stuff in this one. His signature tapping is in the solo, but with a twist)


Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

Right Now

Then for the encore they played

You Really Got Me


When It's Love

All in all, a great show. Very heavy on the Sammy tunes, and I was surprised to hear him play Deeper Kind of Love solo. The people that want Dave back, will never be happy with this setlist. Personally, I think the band would be served well to eliminate the Sammy, Alex, and Mike solos, and just play more of their hits. I think that after 26 years in the Biz I would rather hear more of their hits like Jamie's Cryin, Dance the Night Away, and the Cradle will Rock then the solos. I was very fulfilled when it was all said and done though. The show was great, they sounded great. One funny thing that did happen was during "Right Now" they have on the video screen a sign that comes up and says "Right Now! Van Halen's kicking a@s in (whichever city the show is in) The thing was, whoever doing the visuals screwed up because the sign said "Greensboro" which was the first show on the tour, Hershey was the second. The crowd kind of laughed, brushing it off. They knew it wasn't the bands fault. All in all though, nobody who is a fan of Van Hagar is gonna be dissapointed. If you like both Dave and Sam eras, as most of us do, you would still like to see them whip out more of the Dave era tunes. Maybe, one day. For now though, it's just great to have em back.


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The set list sucks... I'd rather have Gary Cherone as the singer, at least he would sing anything.

Sammy's a punk. I like the music that they created with him, but to forget the Dave era is BS.

I agree that they should dump the other solo's other than Eddies... they are BS anyways.

BTW... Thanks for posting.:cheers:

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Oh, and one more thing I forgot to add, and this is kind of a downer. The tour shirts they are selling cost $35.00! I couldn't believe how expensive they were, and the XXL (my size, XL will shrink, so I was forced to buy the XXL :) was $40.00! I've never seen tour shirts that expensive, but I bought one anyway. My buddy, I went with (the smart one) said "Hell, No!" One shirt inparticular, I don't know if it's long-sleeve or something, was $50.00. Combine tour shirt, and other souvenir sales with the ticket prices, and whatever else they are getting like alcohol sales ($6.00 dollars a pop at Hershey Stadium) and Van Halen is on what will no doubt be a very lucrative tour for them. For those who believe this is just as much for the money, as it is for the music and fans. I found nothing in Hershey that's gonna change your minds. For the diehards like myself, it's worth every dime, for the casual fans.....well.

Edit: One more thing I wanted to bring up about the show, was if you look at the set list. The band didn't play one song from the Sammy era album "Balance" I wonder what's up with that?

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