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The 1991 Skins was one of the most balanced teams ever. Their record could easily have been 15-1 because the last game of the season against the Eagles, we lost by a late field goal even though we had pulled all of our starters by halftime. The Dallas loss was, well, Dallas :( ... and we had been spliting with them every year for a long time up till then. I would put them in the top 10 of dominating SB teams. The SB against the Bills wasn't even close.

I can't say top 5 because they didn't win back to back. Free agency really ripped us apart two years later (after Gibbs retirement), but not in 1992. I believe Rypien had a lengthy holdout after the SB and we had that unfortunate fumble against San Fran in the playoffs that year :(

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I couldn't "rank" them in an all-time list because I don't know the SB teams of the sixties and early seventies. But I think they would be 2nd on the list to the Skins team that won one and lost one in the early eighties.

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