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By Page 2


You've heard the rumors. We've heard the rumors.

Rumor No. 1: Anna and Enrique secretly got married.

Rumor No. 2: Anna has a bun in the oven.

Is there any reason to go on living? Should we just take a swan dive off the top of the Page 2 high-rise right now?

Anna's "people" are neither confirming nor denying any of it. That doesn't sound good. But still, we don't want to believe it.

And we didn't ... not until we got a look at how the nation's periodicals are covering the story. Apparently, Anna is pretty big news ... and getting bigger with each passing month.

OK, Anna K. as a wife and a mom. Sure. It's not so bad. Who wouldn't want Mrs. Iglesias to call for a playdate? I bet she cuts a mean orange slice for soccer games. So she gets a magazine cover. Big deal. I guess we made a little too much of this whole thing.

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