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Does anyone know what he said?

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Dolphins | Seau Apologizes for Remarks - from www.KFFL.com

Thu, 3 Jun 2004 17:58:13 -0700

Miami Dolphins LB Junior Seau has issued an apology following insensitive remarks he made during the Dolphins' team kickoff banquet Wednesday, June 3, reports MiamiDolphins.com. "A joke that came out last night due to my stupidity is something we have to deal with today," Seau said. "With that I am very sad, and I apologize. I really do. I learned a lesson, I know that."

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Guest Westbrook36

Wow. It's funny how stuff like this doesn't get national attention. Last year, he joked about Ladanian Tomlinson "eating fried chicken and watermelon" and now he is making homophobic comments.

If he was a white guy, he would have been run out of the league by now ala John Rocker.

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Here ya go

DAVIE · Dolphins linebacker Junior Seau used a slur toward homosexuals during a speech Wednesday night at the team's kickoff banquet at the Signature Grand.

While accepting the team's leadership award, as voted by Dolphins players, Seau used the slur when describing the camaraderie between him and his teammates.

"This is a great group of guys we have on this team," Seau said. "You have to understand. In that locker room, there is no color barrier. We do not have a color barrier. We are a unit that cares. The reason I say cares is because it's so hard to let things go when you care.

"I would say love and everybody would say you're a faggot, but I'm not. We care in that locker room. My feminine side might come out once in a while, but I'm telling you, there is a lot of love in that locker room."

In a team-released statement, Seau said Wednesday night, "If any offense were taken, then I certainly will be the first to apologize."

Some did take offense.

"Unfortunately, there are a few left in our society who do not understand the differences in people," said Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Dean Trantalis, a longtime gay rights activist. "That comment is not only offensive, but it's a putdown for anyone who is deemed different from the rest of society.

"I would hope he would find it in his heart to apologize and make others understand that in spite of the differences that people have, we all come to accept them and live with one another and not try to find fault and cast aspersions. I would hope the management and leadership of that organization would make a point to at least show their courage and disavow any association with that feeling toward the gay and lesbian community."

The incident marked the second time since Seau joined the Dolphins last season that he made what could be considered an offensive comment. When describing how to slow down standout San Diego running back LaDainian Tomlinson before a game last season, Seau said, "You just befriend him. You give him couple of pieces of watermelon, load him up with some fried chicken and say, `Keep eating.'"

Tomlinson, who is black, said he didn't view the comments as stereotyping or offensive. Seau, who is a close friend of Tomlinson's, apologized and said he never intended for his comments to get construed as a racial insult.

Seau is considered one of the NFL's most benevolent players. Seau was voted the NFL's Man of the Year in 1994 for his charity efforts and has his own charity foundation.

Staff Writer Jaime Hernandez contributed to this report.

And so it begins.

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