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HUZZAH!!! All Fleece Donations Received!


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Not. :kungfu:

Let's go, friends who committed ... Blade's much too nice to say anything (give us time though, we're working on him), but as of a few days ago, his arse was still hangin' a bit out there on this one.

You know who you are ... don't make me name names. :)

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Ok, I must come clean. I posted the previous message, and then not specifically remembering my payment, I checked my paypal account history . . . only to find that I had not in fact paid. :doh:

That problem has been rectified. And the people responsible for sacking redman have been sacked. :doh:

I was wondering why Molly was biting on me so much lately . . .

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Sorry, I don't know how I didn't previously make my payment. I'm usually pretty good about forking over the dollars when It come to Extremeskins. I know my wife is sick of seeing all the t-shirts (4) and hats (2) I have. I can't wait to see her expression when I get the fleece.


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Thanks for giving the crowd the heads-up, Om.

Here is the deal.... The manufacturer has just sent me word that the gear will arrive at my house by Tues. or Wed. of this week. This also means that they have charged my credit card for the gear too.

Which means that I need to pay them ASAP.... so, if you made a pledge for an Extremeskins fleece/hat combo, or if you are interested in getting one (since I did order some extras), please click on the "Fleece Info" link which appears between every post, and enter your info to place your order.

Once I receive the gear, I will ship out everything within the next week or two as my schedule allows.

Thanks to everyone for supporting Extremeskins with your donations, thoughts, and opinions!

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