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Turner says Gannon is staying?


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Norv Turner announced earlier, on May 25, 2004 that Rich Gannon was still the Raiders starting QB & that newly acquired Kerry Collins would be back-up QB to Gannon. ESPN was running the news on their "I-Bar" at the bottom of the screen when I saw it.

I know I mentioned it in another thread, but does this make any sense? Why would the Raiders do something like that? Why would Kerry Collins intentionally walk into a situation where he was NOT the starter? And with June 1st right around the corner, why would they bother to try to quelsh rumors about Gannon being traded with announcements like this if they are still planning on trading Gannon anyway? :confused:

What I really don't understand is that IF they really are planning on starting Gannon for another season & putting Collins on the bench behind him, why would they put up so much money for him? And, again, why would Collins intentionally walk into a situation like this? IMO, I would think that Collins would want a starting job seeing that he's been the starter in NY for some time now. He's not a bad QB & I would think that knowing that, teams would have been crawling all over him to start him. Now the Raiders have him & are planning on placing him as 2nd string? Me.......confused.......???:doh1: :wtf: :whoknows: :raidersuc

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This is just maneuvering on the Raiders part. Gannon is good as gone. They are just acting like they plan on keeping him so they get better comp from the Bucs if Gruden decides to go with Gannon instead of Johnson. Collins is a better fit for Norval's system then Gannon.

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