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Moving to DALLAS (joke)


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A man moved from Washington, D.C. to Dallas.

While exploring the downtown area, he noticed an antique shop and went in. Browsing through the junk, he found a bronze cat with a price tag that read: Bronze Cat=$30.....Story= $150. He asked the shop-owner about it and was told that was the tag read correctly. The man bought the cat but refused to pay $150 for the story. The man put the cat in his shirt pocket and left to continue exploring the city. He heard a sound behind him and turned to see two cats following him. He continued on but the number of cats began to grow until, at last, he reached the Trinity River bridge. He turned and looked to see thousands of cats right behind him. Scared, he threw the bronze cat off the bridge and into the water. To his amazement, all of the cats jumped off the bridge and drowned. He immediately returned to the shop and, upon entering, the shop owner exclaimed, "I knew you'd come back for the story!"

"Forget the story," the man said, "have you got any bronze Cowboy fans?"

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Originally posted by SouthernStar

Yeah, but just THINK!! You'd HAVE to move to Dallas!

I keep threatening my wife that we are going to move to Dallas one day. She's afraid we'll end up face down in a ditch one day if we did. LOL

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