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Red Dead Revolver


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Just picked up my copy of Red Dead Revolver by Rockstar....

Awsome to say the least. The graphics are top notch, very subtle details like grass moving in the wind etc...

The gun play is very cool. The game is very similar to Max Payne in the controls and action. The story is really cool as well. Can't wait to get off work to waste my night away.

Playing during lunch was just enought to make me miserable for the next few hours till quittin time.

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Originally posted by JeffSchmeff

I was psyched about this game, but it looks like it's only averaging 63% so far. IGN and Gamespot (the two sites I respect most) gave it a 7.5 and 7.3, respectively. Let us know how it is after you play it more...


No problem, I'll have a much better judgement of the game after tonight.

From what I've played so far, it's very comparable to Max Payne. If you didn't like either of the Max Payne games, I doubt you would like this.

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Originally posted by BD

How does it compare to GTA? What system are you playing on?

GTA is so open ended, so far, I don't think this game is quite that open, however, I'll post a better review tomorrow after I've played tonight.

I do know that the multiplayer mode is VERY cool. It's not an online game, but you have several different modes where you can take on a friend.

I'm most interested in the story mode however.

BTW, I'm playing on xbox.

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I played the game extensively last night.

It's very fun. The tutorial is built into the game play so that is a very good point.

What I don't like about it is that it is very linear most of the time. When you get to the first city, you can go where you want etc... but it's nothing like Grand theft auto. The missions are pretty fun, but again, they are linear, you don't have much freedom.

That being said, its still a very good game and I think it will keep my interest for a few weeks at the least.

It's not one of those games where I call in sick to work just so I can play however...:)

If you like Max Payne, definately rent this one.

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Outlaws... cool.

This game is really focused on gunfighting.

It has a very innovated "showdown" feature. You duel with another gunfighter, it focuses on your hand, you have to out draw and out shoot your opponent. When you draw (you move the right thumbstick backwards then forwards) time slows down and you have to target your opponent, the crosshairs change from a poor shot to good shot to critical shot. It's hard to explain, but it's pretty cool none the less.

Lots of shooting and gore, that sums the game up. Lots of blood.

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