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Looks like Passing on Winslow was a good move...


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http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=1791087CLEVELAND -- Choosing Kellen Winslow Jr. was easy for the Cleveland Browns. Signing him may not be.

The Browns traded a second-round pick, swapped first-rounders with Detroit and used the No. 6 overall selection in last weekend's NFL draft to select Winslow, a tight end with Hall of Fame pedigree and potential.

But before Winslow can begin living up to expectations, the Browns will have to negotiate a long-term contract with his agent, Kevin Poston, who in the hours after the draft began laying down some parameters for talks.

"A lot of teams had him (Winslow) No. 1 on their board," said Poston, who along with his brother, Carl, are known for driving a hard bargain.

The Postons also represent St. Louis tackle Orlando Pace, who was franchised by the Rams and is seeking more money. Other Poston clients include New England cornerback Ty Law, San Francisco linebacker Julian Peterson and Washington linebacker LaVar Arrington. All have had contract problems.

The Redskins are currently in a dispute with the Postons, who filed a grievance on Arrington's behalf that claims the team owes him more than $6.5 million.

Shortly after arriving in Cleveland last Saturday, Winslow said he planned to report to training camp on time -- as long as he got a fair deal.

"The way I see it," said the Miami product and son of Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow Sr., "you need to give me No. 6 pick money. Look at last year's No. 6 pick, and I'm in camp."

Last year's sixth selection, Georgia defensive tackle Johnathan Sullivan, got a seven-year, $19.1 million contract from New Orleans, including an $11.4 signing bonus.

The usual starting point for the next class is 10 percent over the previous year.

However, Poston has already indicated Winslow may be an exception to that rule.

"Kellen could easily be the LeBron James of the Browns," Poston said, referring to the Cavaliers' rookie of the year. "He's that talented. When you negotiate with top-value players, to come up with that value is not easy. My job is to make sure he gets a fair deal."

Last summer, the Browns had a tough time signing their draft picks, and none of the 2003 class matched Winslow's high profile.

Cleveland took the unusual step of signing players to five-year contracts. Typically, low-round picks -- after the first and second round -- sign two- and three-year deals so it doesn't affect their fourth year when they are eligible for free agency.

Center Jeff Faine, the No. 21 overall pick a year ago, missed the first week of training camp in a contract holdout. If the Browns don't get a deal done quickly with Winslow, his holdout could exceed Faine's by several weeks.

The Postons were able to get their top rookie client, wide receiver Charles Rogers, into Detroit's camp last summer after a brief holdout.

Kevin Poston couldn't promise he'd do the same for Winslow. Not without the Browns' help anyway.

"It takes two to dance," he said.

Browns coach Butch Davis doesn't think Winslow's contract will be a problem. But it's only April, and there's no urgency with training camp nearly three months away.

Winslow will be at mini-camp this weekend with Cleveland's other draft picks, free agents and veterans. Attendance is mandatory, so Winslow has to show up.

It may be the last time the Browns see him for a while.

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Originally posted by Funkyalligator

This ought to be interesting...if Winslow holds out....next year teams will seriously reconsider taking anyone represented by the Postons...hopefully two years from now(or hopefully earlier) the Postons will be done as agents in the NFL....

As long as the Postons can get them good deals, players will continue to sign with them... and if players continue to sign with them, they'll be in business. Say what you want about their negotiating tactics, but they eventually get their players tons of money. That's the bottom line for the players. Sorry to say, but the Postons aren't going anywhere.

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All the Winslow fans prior to the draft calling for his addition to the team must be getting sick to their stomachs right now. Winslow + Postons = No chance to be drafted a skin in '04. I bet the skins would have traded down to get a D-Lineman before dealing with the Postons...I hope none of their clients become free agent DL's after June 1. as much as we need help ont he D-Line, We don't need to deal with them again for a while. I wonder if ramsey's agent has been watching the DC black-ball in action. He better get Samuels to restructure or I know who'll be traded for a 3rd rounder next year.

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the poston's remind me of some sort of cult leaders. it actually seems like kw thinks that he is in control of them and that he will be at camp on time. they are very good with the mind f-ing of their clients i think, which is never a very good thing for your agent to be doing with you. i bet come training camp they have kw thinking he should be getting a $20mill sb just for being a winslow

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Originally posted by ForSkins


"A lot of teams had him (Winslow) No. 1 on their board," said Poston, who along with his brother, Carl, are known for driving a hard bargain.


This is all I need to see to know 100% we made the right decision..even if Taylor holds out it will pale in comparison IMHO

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Clayotn already said the Browns were completely rejected when they called him and Poston to tell him they wanted him and said they would slot him money for a No. 6 pick last year adjusted for inflation. Clayton he would be surprised if K2 was signed by July.

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