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Another sign of the bad year for agents


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They miss deadlines, they don't read contracts they sign, they demand contracts far above what their clients want and don't keep them informed and now this. If I was the agent of an undrafted D Line kid and was working for him... I would seek out the 'skins. I mean the contract is easy. It's minimum with a bonus of around 50 K or less... but with the state of the 'skins d line and with their cap space, you would think every agent would be hammering away at guys who could be situational pass rushers... of fat sloppy run stoppers. The fact that we signed only one means that it isn't our priority, we lost out on the bidding, or the agents aren't doing their diligence and making good suggestions to their smaller clients.

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Possible... but, I don't like relying on maybes that may fall apart in a few months. The deal in the hand is better. I'd rather get the maybe that's in front of me now. The free agent d linemen aren't likely to show up and be starters or even make the team, but with our crew as we stand today... I think they would have a much better chance than on any other team.

Maybe it's just a draft hangover, but are there three teams in the NFL with a worse D Line than us? Are there any?

I mean honestly...

Wynn... last few years has shown very little against the run or pass. At best a C player and probably worse than that. Also getting long in the tooth.

Upshaw... made more negative plays, than positive plays it seemed like last year. Was it his injury... was he just hustling to make a play on a defense that couldn't? His play last year in my view was failing... as a whole he's probably another D+ player.

Griffin... underachiever, but he has got potential. Don't really like the fact that he's a player this young and his best year was two years ago. Let's call him a b-/c+

Holsey... Was a guy no one wanted and wasn't even a stud in the world leagues or arena football. Had some nice flashes, but hardly someone you want to start. D

Noble... Was a C player, had a catastrophic injury. will it come back well enough for him not only to play, but last a season and be very productive. Grade Incomplete

Daniels... another C guy whose best year was several years ago. Long in the tooth and who knows how much he has left. In his prime, he was only good.

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