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So the question is (KasaY)


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umm then say Vinitari (sp?) missed that kick then you do suddenly cut him too? he would have missed 3 kicks in the super bowl... i think not and i think it would be stupid to cut Kasey... yeah he is the goat kind of but as long as he dont let it effect and he stays consistant then you just have to live with a big single mistake he made during the game... everyone is human, people makes mistakes, certainly usually not big as this one though...

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Originally posted by Sowers

Do u keep this pro bowl kicker? Or get rid of him because he cost you two big games. (Philly and Super Bowl) Don't forget all the big games he has won for them too this year. But somethings gotta say you gotta kick under pressure.

Kasay no doubt choked on that kick. But, I honestly felt he could have kicked the hell out of that ball, and Tom Brady would still have marched his team right down the field for the winning score. There just wasn't going to be any denying him.

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