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It's finally here! Super Bowl Sunday.


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Okay folks, Super Bowl Sunday is officially here. How do you plan on celebrating this national holiday?

I'll be sittin in my living room with my parents, a bucket of BW3's hot wings and 24 of my closest friends... Pabst Blue Ribbon! :cheers:

And watchin the game and killer commericals on a 52' plasma screen TV with surround sound....

all the while thinking about how bad it sucks that Washington was out of the running since week 10. :mad:

Oh well, this is my last super bowl at home so i might as well enjoy it!

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Damn......I didn't know people still drank PBR's. :laugh: Nothing special here. Regular Sunday for the most part. Not even gonna BB-Q due to the rainy forecast. Got all the normal stuff for game time. You know chips, dips, chains and wips. Got a rack of Bass Ale, and one of Guiness on stand by. I'v got the house to myself for pregame, which is always nice.

Enjoy the game

:pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :smoke:;)

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