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RB Greg Jones...thoughts???


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From everything we all have been posting on the draft.

I feel this. from the skinz scouting. everyone is leaning towards Kevin Jones from Va tech. I definitely like that.

but if we get a DT or DL with our # 5.

and some odd reason GReg Jones is still around.

We have to get him. He strongly beleive this guy could be in a similar mole as Jamal Lewis from the Ravens.

If you all remember. He was injured often while playing at Tennesse. But look at him now. That offense is built around him.

and with JG running the show..Greg JOnes in the low 1st or early 2nd round...would be a steal. this guy is POTENTIAL is all there.


forgot, the guy runs 4.4s even weighing in near 255lbs.

Thats sick.

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