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bitter bitter cold...will car batteries still work?


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So as I was reading the post about projected temps for tonight, the first question that came to my mind is will car batteries work tomorrow morning? -20...isn't that the temp that most car batteries in this area are supposed to be good too? I know the Die HArd batteries sold at the Sears here are mostly for wramer temps, and the web site doesn't say how cold they will start. I guess I'll find out tomorrow morning.

-20 with wind chill...that's some serious insta-snot cold.

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While stationed in Alaska, we used to have to install engine block warmers and plug ghe tars in overnight to ensure they cranked the next morning. I don't see the need for that though, with the really cold weather not staying all winter. AS long as your battery is rated to -20, (and most are) you should be good to go

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Yeah wind chill is the effect that you get when wind blows heat off your body....from merriam-webster

Pronunciation: 'win(d)-"chil

Function: noun

Date: 1939

: a still-air temperature that would have the same cooling effect on exposed human skin as a given combination of temperature and wind speed -- called also chill factor, windchill factor, windchill index

The CCA (cold cranking amps) number on your battery will give you a good indication. CCA=the number of amperes a battery at 0 degrees F (-17.8 degrees celcius) can deliver for 30 seconds and maintain a voltage equal to or higher than 1.20 per cell. Most replacement batteries will have more CCA than the OE battery.

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Extreme cold will expose any weakness in your battery. An old timer told me years ago to turn your ignition on for few minutes

before cranking. This may or may not work...never tested his theory.

I'm in the car busines as well. Have seen more than one battery

not crank the engine when cold. I would also suggest you check your antifreeze.

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