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Washington Final Score History (29-26)


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This result was a little more thin historically than I would have guessed. I know 29 is a fairly odd number, but figured any three point spread in the 20's would have a decent amount of results. 


However, this was only the 11th time in NFL history a game finished 29-26. All games played in the regular season. The first was Bucs win over the Baltimore Colts in 1979. There was then a 16 year drought... the other 10 games have occurred between 1995-2023. It had been almost five years to the day since the last one (Colts over Jags Nov. 11th 2018). 


This was the second Washington game to ever end 29-26


We lost at Minnesota 29-26 in early November 2014. That game was mildly notable to me... It was sort of the "that's it" game for the 2014 season. We probably weren't going anywhere anyway that year (Gruden first season), but we were 3-5 heading into the game and may have had a chance to make things interesting had we won. I also remember it for two other reasons... It was played outdoors at the Univ. of Minnesota during the Metrodome renovations... and it was the last decent game I can remember RG3 playing for us. It was a pretty fun back and forth game. We took a lead late, but failed to make a two point conversion, which made it 26-21. Vikings followed with a TD drive. We failed to cross midfield on our final drive. 


So we are now 0-2 in 29-26 games, both on road. 


Tried to dig into any other notable games and didn't find much: 


--October 2001, Patriots 29, Chargers 26... win for Pats in OT; I assume this was Brady's first OT win. They were down 10 with about 3:30 to play and wound up sending it to OT on a TD pass from Brady with about 30 seconds to go. Would have been one of his first "moments." 


--This wasn't the first 29-26 game for Ron Rivera... In 2015, the Panthers blew a 23-6 lead to the Colts, but wound up winning in OT... this made them 7-0 on the season. 


--5 of the 11 games involved EITHER the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts OR the Baltimore Ravens 


That's all I got

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