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The All Things PLAYOFFS 2022 Thread


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7 hours ago, Califan007 The Constipated said:


The NFL playoff machine this past week, thinking about me...



Wait Goodbye GIF by Silicon Valley



That’s always how I feel about the end of the season in general. Even though most years are disappointing, I still very much enjoy the rhythm and routine of following the team. From Labor Day through NYD (give or take depending on season) I get very much locked into a weekly routine, culminating each week with our game. Kind of jarring this week that there wasn’t a Thursday game on and a little bit of a gut punch knowing we don’t have another game week for approx 9 months. 

Believe it or not, I’m a die hard for basketball and baseball too, so I transition pretty quickly— and I actually have NO interest in football once Super Bowl ends— I need detox at that point and am fine with the break (you couldn’t pay me to watch spring football)— but football always has that gameday build-up and routine that can’t be replicated anywhere else. And I’m dying for it when it rolls around every year. 

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