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The Highest Props to Snyder...

Dirk Diggler

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To say this caught everyone by surprise would be the understatement of the millenium. But really, the more I think about it - the less surprised I am.

The bottom line: Danny Snyder gets his man.

This lil guy is not a billionaire by pure luck. Snyder is a special owner and a special person and when he sells something - it gets bought.

The Free Agents

Too numerous to name. But as Art says, there's a Hotel California atmsophere at Redskin park. We've watched him get any free agent he wanted over the years and it wasn't all about the money contrary to what the media wants to believe. There's something more...

Marty Schottenheimer

This man told the world point blank "I could never coach for an owner like Dan Snyder." So the media tells Snyder that he needs a hard-a$$ coach and to get the hell out of the way. He blows everyone away and convinces a coach who was was borderline HOF to come pilot the ship. A retired coach who wanted nothing to do with Snyder!

Steve Spurrier

The man who half the GMs in the league lusted after for 10 years. A man who the great Ron Wolf probably told to name his price in 1999 when Mike Holmgren left. Contrary to the "I told you so" story the media is currently going with - props were given to Snyder at the time for getting a guy who was Untouchable in NFL circles for so long. He carried the "genius" label and invoked the name of Joe Gibbs at his press conference and promised a return to the Glory Years. Spurrier didn't even need to visit any other teams. One trip to Redskin Park is all it took.

Joe Gibbs

The most untouchable of the untouchables. He actually has a life outside of football. He's already filthy rich and has been there done that. The man has nothing to prove. He can retire from NASCAR and do the BBQ and ballgames thing that old men do. But Danny's full court press was just too sweet to pass on. I'm sure he offered Gibbs a piece of the ownership. If anyone deserves a slice of the Redskins for eternity, it's Joe Gibbs.

My friends. We need to all thank Dan Snyder. Why? BECAUSE WE'RE BACK - BABY !!!

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Dan Snyder did something we didn't think he was capable of: he learned. He hired the best coach, and swallowed his pride and gave him complete control.

You want to win? That's how you win.

Dan Snyder finally recognized that what he was doing wasn't working, and wasn't gonna work. Give him credit -- he figured it out, and he did the one thing that would fix it in a hurry.

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This is a great and encouraging post Dirk. All of it is true. And it's why you have to love having Snyder as your closer in these things.


We don't know what control aspects there will be in this situation. I don't see Gibbs being GM of this team as well as coach. Maybe that will happen. But, I just don't see that being part of him. He's not a control freak. He will have control over his roster though.

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