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PLAYOFF SURVIVOR BOWL: Official Predictions Thread


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And then there were three. :)

As agreed, each remaining player will pick an exact final score for the game (all three are limited to picking New England by virtue of having used Carolina previously). The "scoring system " to determine the winner is as follows:

1) Closest to Margin of Victory

2) Closest to Total Combined Points Scored

To avoid duplication and a tie, no two players may predict the same exact final score. First come first served. The first player to make his prediction "owns" that score, and the other player may not duplicate it. Om, as moderator and ineligible to win the prize, will wait until both other picks have been made to make his own. And he will also promise never to talk in the third person again after finishing this post.

As agreed, if Om "wins," the pot will be shared equally between Sag and aREDSKIN. If either of the latter two win, they will win the pot outright.

Om thinks he got that right. He's sure someone will let him know if not. :)

Good luck, gents.


Week IV Final picks due by 5:00 pm EST, Sunday, February 1, 2004:

Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots



1. Ancalagon the Black - Green Bay / St. Louis

2. aREDSKIN - Green Bay / Philadelphia / Carolina

3. Ax - Carolina / St. Louis

4. BillyKilmer - Carolina / Philadelphia / New England

5. Blazers21 - Tennessee / St. Louis

6. Eagles_Legendz - Dallas

7. IowaSkinsFan - Green Bay / St. Louis

8. JC - Green Bay / New England / Philadelphia

9. Nighthawk - Carolina / Tennessee

10. riggins44 - Carolina / St. Louis

11. Sag - Green Bay / Philadelphia / Carolina

12. Tarhog - Carolina / Kansas City

13. The Wicked Wop - Green Bay / Kansas City

14. Tom [Giants fan] - Green Bay / St. Louis

15. 979guy - Baltimore

16. rtandler - Tennessee / St. Louis

17. Skeletor the Invisible - Green Bay / St. Louis


18. Blade - Carolina / Green Bay

19. Om - Green Bay / Philadelphia / Carolina

20. Die Hard - Green Bay / St. Louis

Red = Eliminated

Blue = No Remaining Eligible Picks

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I'll be back after I confer with "The Great Carnac". He will be opening the envelope with the answer to "What will be the final score of this years Super Bowl?" I'm concerned though, he's old and out of practice.:laugh:


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OK, I'm not quite ready yet, but by Tuesday I'll have my final score locked in.:doh: I'm suggesting here....if Die Hard doesn't mind, we all PM him with our predictions and he can put them out in 1 reply. What do you guys think?

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That still leaves the possibility of duplicated predictions, Sag. While I DO like the idea of forcing DH to maybe have to sort it all out at the very last minute, the truth is, I'm kind of liking the suspense.

I vote we keep it as it is. :)

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Ok guys here I am. It really dosen't matter to me. I can see the merit in both ways of doing it. Since there are only 3 of us I don't think DH would mind that much ( And I'm really just taking a presumptous stab here) notifying us if by chance there were duplicate scores predicted. So if DH dosen't mind, then PM would be my choice. If I even have a choice. And it really dosen't matter to me since I'm going to win anyways. ;)

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Ok, I've received the entries from all 3 of you. Turns out all 3 of you submitted different scores and margins of victory so this will be relatively easy to figure out and there will be an undisputed champion.

Here they are... and they cannot be edited. So don't even try to ask :)


New England - 20

Carolina - 13


New England - 20

Carolina - 17


New England - 20

Carolina - 16

- If the Patriots win by 3 or less... Om wins.

- If the Patriots win by 4 or 5 points... aRedskin wins

- If the Patriots win by 6 or more points... Sag wins.

If the Panthers win....

Sag - (33 points) wins if TPS iw 34 points or less

aRedskin - (36 points) wins if TPS 35 or 36 points

Om - (37 points) wins if TPS is 37 points or more

If Sag or aRedskin wins... the winner will rake a $160 pot.

If Om wins... Sag and aRedskins will split the $160 pot.

Good luck to all 3 of you.

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Congratulations Om. You've been close in a few contests this year.... but you finally pulled one off. Damn, you were ON this year :)

Given the circumstances and the principles agreed upon previously, Sag and aRedskin will split the $160 pot.

Would both of you contact me via PM and include your "paypal" account info if you wish to be paid in such method or your mailing address and you will be given a check.

Thanks again for everyone who participated. The fundraisers are going to go a long way this year to improving ExtremeSkins.com.

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Originally posted by SonnyRules

WTG OM! Congratulations!!!

WHAT?! Baltimore didn't win??? News sure travels slow to these parts of the world. :)

Congrats Om, :notworthy !

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