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Skins fan in Philly

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I am a Skins fan living in the Philly burbs and have my pathfinder all Skined up and am in my jersey and Skins sweat pants. I will not be attending the game tonight so I just wanted to run some errands and give the WORST FAIR WEATHERED Philly faithful some $hit, to the mall, grocery store and finally the bar for some lunch all in burgundy and gold. Yes we are a losing team but, I have been a Skins fan in worst times then this and still supported our team.

:eaglesuck :eaglesuck :dallasuck :dallasuck

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Originally posted by delawareskins

I am just a few miles south in Delaware, the Iggles fan stink here as well. I always wear my skins stuff, its Ok though, the Iggles will choke again, to bad Tampa isn't around to help them.

Hey I live in Westchester PA and work in Delaware send me a PM, next season we can get together and go down to DC I have season tix

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