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Quick nit picky question (Sadam thread number 2 million and one)


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OKay during the war, we all got upset when they showed US prisoners of war. That was supposedly against the Geneva convention.

Are we hypocrits now as we show footage of Sadam getting dental exams and the like?

I totally understand why we did it. Nothing is more humanizing than watching him look like a homeless person. What better way to destroy the myth.

That said, we were pissed when Iraq tried to dispell the myth of the invincible US soldier by showing they had captured some. If it was a violation of the Geneva convention when they did it, why is it not when we do it? If it is a violation, and we don't care (the response i expect on this board), how can we hope our troops will be treated in upcoming conflicts? That to me is a little scary.

PLease realise this is no thread bashing Bush. It's totally on our press as to what gets shown (and our military deciding to release the footage). I just wonder if with a little thought we should have wanted that footage shown.

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Well, nobody was doubting they had prisoners when they had people.

We needed to prove to the world that we indeed had him....and yes, to show the condition he was in.

Imagine living in fear of that person your whole life....now to see him like this.

Unless you are brainwashed to his cause....it must feel amazing.

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1. War is over, so he's technically not a POW :)

2. People weren't going to believe us (some still don't :doh: )

3. I don't know but I think it's against the GC to show prisoners being mistreated and such. Not that you can't show them. I think people got pissed when they were showing the dead bodies.

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