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I still can't blame the D too much for this one


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They were on the field for about a hundred plays. Watching the offense turn it over SIX time, and go three and out most of the other possesions is going to discourage the sh#t out of any defense. There were times in the second half that I was counting how many seconds, not minutes, of game clock would run off befre the defense came back on the field.

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Exactly. But what really got me yesterday was the fact we were playing Lavar at D end. Now we see the light? The problem with Geerge Edwards is he has no imagination. How do you not play 8 men in the box against Dallas. Come one. How is Bowen's best hit in practice. Totally unexceptable.

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Originally posted by AzSkinsFan63

189 yards to Hambrick?????

I don't care how long they were on the field.


Troy Hambrick people...come on

I hate the "we were on the field too long" excuse. Stop somebody and you can get off the field.

This defense is no good. Period.

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Originally posted by orlskinsfan

the offense put up enough points to beat the dolphins, saints and panthers....thats 3 wins right there and we would be in the playoff hunt....our defense stinks and we need a new coordinator

To add more confusion to our issues, we entered the fourth quarter with a 2:1 time of possession advantage, only to lose it in the fourth. So yes, our defense has been playing well enough to lose in our losing streak, to be sure.

In this game, all aspects of the game failed at one point or another, and meanwhile our offense was completely demolished.

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