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No matter how much the other team tries to let us win we just can't overcome our own inability to make the plays necessary to put games away. Early in the year it was our mistakes keeping other teams in games. Now, the Giants are playing like us, and we just can't put it away. The wind has to be impacting our willingness to throw because with the Giants secondary we should be carving them up and we have guys open.

For the first time in a long while Smoot is being targeted over Champ in the passing game on defense. Smoot's had 7 passes thrown his way in man coverage (three different receivers). Three have been caught. Champ has not had a single ball thrown his way in man coverage, though the interception he had was a blown coverage by someone, perhaps Champ.

What's really worrisome though is the Giants running game on the outside. We continue to be exploited and have weakness with teams who take the ball outside against us. If the Giants continue with this and we don't adjust to stop it we're going to be toast.

Hasselbeck missed what would have been a touchdown pass to Coles early or this game would already be over. We need to make those sorts of plays. At this point I'd even put Barker away. If he can't kick in this weather, why not just go for it. :).

This remains a very frustrating team to watch because this is a game we should be up by at least 10 in and not being so just leaves us vulnerable later.

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Looking like we're setting ourselves up for another heartbreaker.

Playing our usual brand of step-slow, out-game-planned, one step forward two steps back football ... and despite playing a team that WAS better prepared, yet is STILL somehow managing to play worse than we are ... we still can't really take advantage.

Anyone really think we're coming out in the second half energized and with adjustments that will win the game?

This team, plain and simple, does not know how to win. It WANTS to win, but doesn't have the leadership - either on the sidelines or on the field - to make it happen this year.

That's not saying that can't change with another offseason of growth and learning and health and maybe a guy or two who can pressure the passer ... but it sure is hard to look at it that way while watching your team bumble and stumble around against a team just begging to get beat.

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