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This is a cynical, stick-in-the-mud thread. If you are excited about the game and don't want to be brought down, please stop reading.

I kept having to remind myself all week that we played a game on Sunday. I was looking forward to watching my basketball teams play all week and then a couple of games on the weekend. Then, it was like, "oh yeah, and we play the Giants on Sunday toom don't we?"

Depressing, depressing, depressing.

I have nothing better to do today, so I am going to watch. But I don't think you could be less excited than I am right now. Why watch then? Well, as many have pointed out, it's an addiction. If I have access to the game, I am going to watch it-- and with NFL Sunday Ticket, I always have access :(

It looks and sounds as if Spurrier is coming back, and while that could be a VERY, VERY bad thing, I guess it does make these next 4 games MILDLY meaningful. Maybe something can happen over the last 4 games that gives us reason to hope next year? That's a MAJOR stretch, probably doesn't matter at all, but that's about all we've got.




Three words to describe today's titan clash at the Medowlands. Man, if you would have told me at 3-1 that this would be the situation this week, I would have been pretty stunned, and incredibly disappointed. Amazing that after our start, we aren't even on the playoff radar screen with four games left. Not 7-5 or even 6-6 or even (God forbid) 5-7. 4-8 and circling the drain. The Giants are there too, but at least they gave their fans an NFC Title and another playoff appearance since 2000. We ain't got jack.

I've missed three games since 1991 and next week, I am going to miss at least half of the Dallas game-- choosing to go to a basketball game instead. But I'll watch today, and I guess deep down, I'll be rooting for us to win like I always do. But boy, the Redskins sure know how take all the fun out of it :(

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I want to see how the Skins play in the snow. I want to see us beat an NFC East rival, away and in the snow. That's good enough for me, for now.

As for being depressed. For some reason I'm not feeling that bad. Maybe it's because I can see real potential for next year once we get the D line fixed. All we have to do is stop our opponents from scoring a few ponts per game and we will win a lot of games.

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Matter of expectations, I think.

You don't go into division road games starting a QB off the street like Tim Hasselbeck, a left side of the OL featuring Brandon Winey and Derrick Dockery, a roulette wheel situation at running back, and a defense long on good intention but fatally short on playmakers up front ... and expect to win.

I expect effort. If I get that, and the ball still doesn't bounce our way, I'll walk away no more or less crushed than after any one of the other recent losses.

I've known for long weeks that this was not a legitimate playoff team. I've just been taking my enjoyment from watching Redskins football (which I'll never take for granted), and also watching the team from a more analytical than emotional perspective. Looking at individual players, and watching for "progress."

Doesn't equate to living and dying with every play like I used to do this time of year when things like playoff seeding were in teh mix, but I've learned to appreciate what I still DO have.

I choose to call it gaining perspective with age. :)

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MM - I am in the same mindset that you are. I want to see how we do in these last few games. Yes, I have definitely lost enthusiasm, but you gotta remember....how many players have come and gone since the beginning of the year? We have a quarterback, who despite being with the organization less than two months, is doing pretty well picking up the blitzes figuring out Spurriers schemes. I have been out of the loop lately but from what I hear the Patrick needs surgury?? I think he should do it now, gives him more months to get healthy. And I would like to see some freakin' consistancy in the coaching staff from the end of the year to the beginning of next year. Tired of all the revamps and brand new styles these poor guys have to learn each year... I keep thinking how great would LaVar and company be if we had good coaches consistantly each year since he was drafted???

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