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Football Gameplan's 2016 NFL Mock Draft - Small College


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Just wanted to say well done sir. I appreciate the work it took to compile this list. Small college players almost always get overlooked in my opinion, but I see some major steals in your mock draft. Denzel Thompson is someone the Skins should definitely try to grab in the later rounds, his big size would be major for us at FS or DB. I also like McRoberts a lot. I just read about him not too long ago, he looks like a big play WR. Instead of taking Michael Spence at #21, and if he doesn't slide to the 2nd round, someone like McRoberts would be a great grab in the middle-late rounds. 


Shocked that I am the 1st comment, but maybe the 18 minute video was a bit long for people to sit there and watch. 

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Noah Spence looks like a quality edge rusher, but he had so many off field issues.

"Treated for drug addiction and banned for life from Big Ten after failed drug tests in 2013 and 2014. Arrested in May of 2015 for alcohol intoxication and second­-degree disorderly conduct, but incident was expunged from record after community service.

Bottom Line

His issues are well-­documented, but his recovery and turnaround is what has NFL teams excited. Spence has been accountable for his actions and worked just as hard off the field as he has on the field to change his life and attack his problems. His inability to hold the point of attack combined with his ability to rush the passer make him a logical choice as a 3-­4 rush linebacker. The speed of the game make take a year or two to get used to, but Spence should become a starter early in his career."


His off field problems are similar to Tyrann Mathieu's ones. Will he turn his private life arounf and follow the same path remains to be seen.

I like Harlan Miller at CB.

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