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Hi ExtremeSkins,


Nov. 27 marks the anniversary of when we lost Sean Taylor.  I've been a lifelong Redskins fan however haven't been much of a poster on any Redskins related forum.  I can't help looking at Brett Favre's Packers Hall of Fame induction tonight and be reminded.  I have never released this publicly so this is for all you Sean Taylor fans...




RIP #21

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That was a nice video. Just a few suggestions as I see you have not posted here very much.


First, there are already quite a few Sean Taylor threads. this probably should be in one of those. Although it admittedly took me a few minutes to find one that made sense. It is here if you want to move this:  http://es.redskins.com/topic/387342-the-legend-of-sean-taylor-a-personal-reflection-link/page-1#entry10153846


Having said that, I think if you provide a better description of your point in the title it be helpful and the thread could probably stand alone (Mods make that final call, so that's clearly just my humble opinion). It's the anniversary of him getting killed and I don't see a thread specifically addressing the anniversary (not saying there isn't one, just that I could not find it.). So I would say something like:  "Sean Taylor Anniversary Tribute: Ring of Fame Induction Video" as your title. Then you should be fine.


Hopefully this helps. Again, it's a nice little video. You were fortunate to be there. Good for you.

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