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If we're not careful


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I have been a huge Cousins fans since his days in Michigan. He is going to be an elite QB.. In the NFL somewhere. And if we're not careful as fans it's going to be with another team. This is his last year of his contract and rumor has it he does not like it here because of the "Redskins Drama" . I am telling you if we're not careful he'll be gone. We need to support him good and bad games... do you think Tom Brady was an amazing quarter back his first full season and for what Kurt has done with the lack of support because of injuries and coaching has been amazing. I am just afraid were going to loose a great quarterback... The media is going to push this guy out of Washington.. After the game walking into the locker room today he looked in the camera and yelled "how do like that" I thought it was pretty funny but it shows his frustration with the way people have been dogging him... I don't want to loose this guy he is going to make us good for a long time.

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