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Young Line Has Mixed Results Against The Jets

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There is no doubt teams are loading up to stop the run. We have not been successful on enough long passes to keep them honest. We need DJax back as it will help. But it still may not be enough.


The one thing DJax does that the rest of our WRs don't seem to do very well is make adjustments to the ball. That play by Marshall was what we need out of our WRs. Fitz was not any more accurate than Cousins, but his WRs fought for him. I am not making excuses for Cousins. After starting the year very accurate (yes, like it or not Cousins haters, he was 70%!!, that's good anywhere anyone saying he was never accurate is just saying BS), he has been wild that last two games.


However, as fans we are totally discounting the injuries. I hear "injuries are part of the game", well yes and no. We are currently second with the most starter games lost with 67!!!! That is 11 starters a game!!! or half the ****ing team!!!  So please spare me the injuries happen you need to play around them. When you are missing half your team of starters and you in a rebuilding process anyway, that's more than is reasonable to overcome. And we are missing those players at critical positions, like LT, TE (all 3 are injured!!), STs captains, our #1 WR, at least 5 members of the secondary! Our LBs have been beaten up too.


Oh, and before criticizing the Strength and Conditioning coach, he is new this year and is regarded as one of the best. Also they hired an Athletic Trainer last year, a position that did not exist for us since at least 2010. Also, Snyder paid for a complete make-over of their workout facility, complete with new equipment and a larger space to work in.


It's very hard to make chicken salad out of chicken ****. This is more than just get over it and may be the one reason Scot will let Gruden stick around.


The more I think about it, if we lose to Tampa, the Kirk Cousins era may be over, especially if he looks as pad as he did the last gm and much of the Atlanta game. He also kept the Atl close, but we should have been way ahead of them and settled for FGs, mostly due to poor execution by mostly Cousins. Let's hope we kick Tamps ass this week and this talk will stop, at least till the next loss!!  lol 

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I agree with GO, it is time for Cousins to do it. It is also, in my opinion, time for him to get beyond the interceptions and make the plays they are giving him. Tampa is a good place to start and the following bye week gives him more time to upgrade his skills. It also gives us time to get Djax, DBs, O-Lineman, and a TE back.

We need that 3rd Tampa win badly. If we don't win this year's hope is gone and it is wait for next year time.


I am not crazy about the losses, but I am still impressed with the depth -

- 3 starting O-lineman out and the pass blocking is great,

- Down to the 4th TE and he did well,

- 2 starting CBs and a starting safety out and the D-Backs did well.

- The Go To receiver has been out for most of the year and the 2 young ones are progressing nicely.

- We also have 3 good running backs and as soon as we become a threat with the pass they will be running well again.

- The LBs are doing great and there are good backups at the inside and outside.

A lot to like for the future, but problems to fix. We should be able fix one in the draft with a big over the middle WR. The key is 1 of the 3 QBs developing into an acceptable middle of the pack QB and next year we will be running with the best of them.

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Agreed, the depth is much better. Also agree that with so many starters out the back ups are doing well, but wouldbe better if only half of the starters were not hurt. I have been a high Cousins fan, never liked the trade for Robert, but the man has to step it up. The last two games a lot of his passes were behind the receiver. I don't wish to go the QB carousel but if he flops in Tampa it might be time to let Colt or Robert back in the game. Like TAB said, one of these men need to develops into at least a middle of the road QB.


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