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Redskins Trail Jets, 27-13, After 3rd Quarter

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Well that sucked!  What was most frustrating is that we played really well in the first half. Then, like we have in every other game we come out flat in the 3rd Q.


Braudshad Breeland is and Dustin Hopkins are the only 2 on the team that were not just terrible. Every player and coach should be proud of the first half, and embarrassed by the second half.


Having said that, I have been looking at the Tampa game as the measuring stick. If we win that game, which we should, we will be 3-4, better than anyone thought we would be at this part of the season. We will lose to NE coming out of the bye and be 3-5 at the midway with the hardest part of the schedule behind us.


That means getting to 6 to 8 wins is very achievable. We all knew this was a 6 to 8 win team. So while the losses hurt, if you look at the season as a whole, we cold be right on schedule. People can say you have to overcome injuries, but we have a crazy number and we just aren't that deep yet. Give Scot a few more years. Rome was not built in a day!


FWIW, next week is my decision point. I will make my mind up (not that matters to anyone but me....) if Jay or Kirk or many of the players are the long term answer. The difference between 2-5 and 3-4 is like a mountain.

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The Redskins entered Sunday's game against the Jets being outscored a combined 32-3 in the third quarter of their five games so far in 2015.


Well, add another 17 and another 0 to that. 49 to 3 in six games. Eight points a game average given up in the third. I guess if you want to look at it that way it doesn't sound that bad. But your giving that up or less in the two quarters of the first half combined so if you look at it that way it does sound pretty bad.


Six 3rd quarters this season. Three points for them altogether. One half a point a game. Now there's no lipstick made to cover those pigs lips.

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I recorded the game but had to leave and have only seen a little of 1st qrt and part of 4th qrt so I'll watch tonight and get back on here later. Did get a chance to really watch Ty Nsheke and thought he looked like a dancing bear moving his feet and protecting blindside.



Todd Bowles walked into a stocked team full of great defensive players plus the fa's and draft picks. They are good.

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