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NFL.com: Cowboys plan to sign Michael Sam if he passes his physical


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So he's done nothing whatsoever over his football career so far in your eyes except be gay?

Seeing as how he's never even been on a game day roster, I'd say that's painfully obvious. What other practice squad player gets a national article (s) writeup for being released off a practice squad?

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First Teblows and then Michael Sam - can somebody please explain to me why people believe a man who has never slept with a woman is believed to have some kind of magical football powers?


Well, let's see. Tim Tebow was able to win games late, including a playoff game over the Steelers, despite not being able to throw a football. Michael Sam was on the cowboys practice squad and they are off to the best start in a long time, despite being picked my many to be the worst team in the division. I'd say they both possess some magical football powers to pull that off.


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