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Cowboys waiting to be tested


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Posted on Wed, Oct. 22, 2003

Cowboys waiting to be tested


Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA - Depending on your perspective, those NFL guys in the starred helmets are the 5-1 Cowboys or the still-haven't-played-anyone-good 5-1 Cowboys.

Fresh from savaging the Lions, 38-7, on Sunday, the Cowboys have won five straight games for the first time since 1994. Indeed, they have racked up as many victories in six starts as they did in each of their previous three seasons.

But be of good cheer, detesters of all things Dallas, because the teams the `Boys have beaten hardly rank as the creme de la creme of the NFL.

Those teams include the Giants (2-4), Jets (2-4), Cardinals (1-5), the no-offense Eagles (3-3), and the Lions (1-5), who were hammered even after they had a bye week to prepare. The cumulative record of the Cowboys' opponents to date is 10-27 (.270).

While the rest of the NFL is waiting to see if the Cowboys will be tested at Tampa Bay on Sunday, the Bucs (3-3) will be the seventh rival that doesn't own a winning record.

Young guns. One reason the Chicago Bears are 1-5 is that rookies have been forced into major action.

For example, Lance Briggs and Joe Odom start at linebacker. Charles Tillman is playing cornerback. First-round pick Michael Haynes is part of the defensive end rotation. And on Sunday at Seattle, rookie receivers Justin Gage and Bobby Wade made their first NFL receptions.

Against the Seahawks, the Bears dressed 11 rookies. That's child labor.

Bugel call. Joe Bugel, the offensive line coach for the Washington Redskins under Joe Gibbs between 1981 and 1989 and the former head coach of the Phoenix Cardinals and Oakland Raiders, was hired by Steve Spurrier this week to solve the team's pass-protection problems.

Said Spurrier, "It's not like we're going up and down the field and stopping everybody."

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I have a feeling many of our cowboy visitors :rolleyes: will not be making as many visits in coming weeks. They have all the markings as this years version of last years San Diego Chargers, great start against average opposition, then the bottom fell out the rest of the way.

We'll see :silly:

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