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Foodbeast: Japan Invents ‘Smell-O-Vision’ For Smartphones, Cartridges That Emit Mouthwatering Scents


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Japan Invents ‘Smell-o-Vision’ for Smartphones, Cartridges That Emit Mouthwatering Scents


Meat’s expensive. Sure, you probably could have funneled your monthly data plan money into more than a couple cuts of steak, but then how would you use this crazy scented smartphone app?


It’s called Scentee, and it was designed to help poor college students and dieters cut back on calories and save money by tricking them with smell. Just plug in the Square-esque scent cartridge into your smartphone, load the photo app, and cozy up to a nice bowl of delicious (and cheap) rice or bread or salad. It’ll be just like having your favorite foods right there in front of you. Except, you know, not.


Rocket News reports the cartridges come in a wide range of frustratingly mouth-watering scents including apple, coffee, cinnamon roll, and, starting in mid-November: meat – namely, short ribs and beef tongue. So the next time you turn down an invitation to All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ, you can at least take comfort in having your room (and we’re assuming your clothes) smell just like it.



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Simulator lets people taste the internet


Scientists have created a gadget which they claim means you can taste food on the internet.



A team of researchers from the National University of Singapore created what they call the Digital Taste Interface.


Dr Nimesha Ranasinghe said it could also be used in computer games or to allow people to share meals over the internet.


The team is currently working on a "digital lollipop" project that lets users taste sugar without actually consuming any.


Dr Ranasinghe said: "By manipulating the magnitude of current, frequency and temperature so far we have created salty, sour and bitter sensations."

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