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We need ALL of you that have come over to from Redskins.com to pay attention here.


We have http://es.redskins.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules'>Forum Rules here. They need to be followed. 


Lately we've had a run of some you having multiple accounts simply to seemingly agree or disagree with yourself & the others.


Multiple accounts are in violation of Rule #1

1. Each visitor may own a single registered account.

Duplicate accounts are prohibited, and the Staff employs security measures to enforce this policy. Duplicate accounts may immediately be closed (i.e., banned). Do not create additional registered accounts to bypass an issued ban absent compelling circumstances. Any attempt to circumvent any moderating action by registering a secondary account may result in a permanent banishment of all related accounts.


That being said, we can go about cleaning this up one of two ways.


Option 1


You can PM me the list of all your accounts, & list the user name you want to keep & I'll merge them all into a single account. <--- This is known as "the easy way". ;)


Option 2


If you choose not to PM, & are found to have multiple accounts at a later time, ALL of your accounts will simply be banned. <--- This is known as "the hard way" & is not advised. :)


Enjoy your stay here, just don't allow it to interfere with our enjoying your stay here. :)

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I don't know about anyone else but you won't have any trouble from me.


Admittedly I got caught up in some of the....BS....from the old format, but if you ever saw or noticed I tried my best to keep the peace as I'll continue to try & do with this new format. All I want to do is to get along with everyone & talk about the BEST sports franchise in the world.



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all the old format accounts were deleted  when we re-registered 

so we all should be fine with using our new one unless certain people were trying to circumvent the duplicate account rule ..


thanks TK for the thread, its really nice to have moderators looking out for us ,we had nothing but the report button on the old format which worked but got abused by the wrong people and ruined the old format

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Maybe I'm a hardliner about these recent duplicate accounts but I'd deactive them all right away without hesitation. Specifically the ones where both are being used. Then make the user email the moderator on which one he should activate. Maybe it is more than one person using the same PC that creates this hesitation. However, if this is multiple accounts under the same email then that is a sign of a problem to me. I could understand if there were duplicate accounts where one was no longer used but if multiple accounts are actively being used by the same user then send a warning. Jumbo emailed me about a duplicate account within days of registering the one I have now. However that had to be an old one I signed up but rarely if ever used on extremeskins. I was happy to have him just remove the older one.  

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